Dress up your pitchers and glasses | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Decorate your pitchers and glasses with decals

Dress up your everyday pitcher and glasses for a change, without spending on a new set. You can do this by applying simple stickers or decals meant for glass or plastic.

If you can get your hands on glass paint or even just plain acrylic paint with a round sponge, you can dot on any pattern on the glasses and pitchers, or do it randomly. You can also pounce paint around the shape of temporary stickers, using them as stencils. Peel the stickers off while paint is still wet so you can scratch off the paint that may have seeped under.

Glass paint or glass decals are more permanent and can withstand washing.
But if you just want to punch them up temporarily, ordinary stickers and paint will do.
Make sure you paint away from the rim, so no paint is ingested.