Make your own cosmic sneakers | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dreaming of shoes that are out of this world? Yet those armadillo platforms and winged sneakers are out of your budget, so you end up buying another pair of canvas sneakers.

You can send them to NASA; ask the astronauts to bring them to their next mission to outer space (if that will ever happen). Tell them to tie your shoes tightly outside the spaceship window, while they wander through the galaxy. Wish they pass through a lot of nebulas for maximum style effect. Then, expect that your shoes will collect stellar remnants and star dusts for ultimate sparkles. Result? Instant cosmic shoes! We just hope your sneakers won’t be vacuumed by the black hole in the process.

But since we want you to have those stellar sneakers right away, we’ve come up with a bright solution to spruce up your pair, minus the bizarre NASA idea. Why don’t you paint your shoes and shower them with glitters? Now you can have your very own cosmic shoes to stargaze in!

Here are easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Prepare your materials, like an old (or new) pair of canvas shoes. There are various paints available (in National Bookstore), such as textile or rubberized paint, acrylic paint, or fabric paint tubes. Definitely get black paint, or if there’s none, dark violet can be a good alternative. Don’t forget the glitter glue, brush, toothbrush, tape and newspapers.

Step 2: Tape the rubber sole sides of the shoes so they are protected from paint. Begin to paint your base color. Remember not to paint too thick because it might end up cracking later on, since you’ll be adding other colors in the process.

Step 3: Let the paint dry. Wait for five to 10 minutes before you blend in your next layer. This time, just damp in some paint and use your finger to smudge it. This way, you have control on how you want your “nebula effect.”

Step 4: Add on some stardust––the glitter glue will make it sparkly. Or if you want to get messy, try a paint splatter effect. Using an old toothbrush can also be an option. When you are done painting your shoes, let the paint dry for a day and remove the tape.