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OCTOBER 27, 2022

FAÇADE of the Diptyque Boutique

“Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities!”-Oscar Wilde


The wordsmith and famous dandy, Oscar Wilde, could not have said it better. As Filipinos become more accustomed to the finer things, what with higher incomes and the increasing inflow of elite luxury items to the country, there really is never enough stuff to satisfy the needs of the people for beautiful things in their lives.


Luxury goods are not bad. As with most everything in life, moderation is the key. In beautifying one’s house, a few choice items would make a big difference in the style and overall elegance. A good piece of art, one or two quality pieces of furniture, and a masterfully placed vase with beautifully matched flowers, can make a huge difference in any room. And to add another dimension to the opulence of your home, the smell should be considered, as well.


To boost the olfactory ambience of our homes, Rustan’s recently unveiled their Diptyque Boutique at the posh new Central Square Mall in BGC. One of the few stand-alone Diptyque Boutiques in Asia, the shop is a full-fledged scent bar, complete with all the products you can find in their famous Paris shop at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain.


Their world-famous perfumed candles with their unique scents are all well represented here. From the Baies scented candle, with its rosy smell and blackcurrant notes, the Oranger with its tangy and spicy bouquet, to their own signature smell, the 34, named after the street number of their home shop in Paris, one can find all the scents one can think of for their homes.


And, as Nani Laurel, education manager for Diptyque in the Philippines, recently discussed with us at their exclusive first tour of their store, there are a lot of ways to be creative when trying to produce your own signature scents at home.


Nani elucidated on the concept of combining scents in a room, lighting candles with different bouquet of scents simultaneously to produce a new fragrance for the ambiance one wishes to produce in one’s living room, kitchen or bathroom.


For example, combining the scents of their Feu de Bois candle, with its scents of rare woods that evoke the image of burning firewood, to the Baies candle, with its fruity bouquet, can evoke memories and images of Christmas time.


Oriental delights


Combining the scents of their Myhre candle, filled with the smells of ambery resins, simultaneously burned with the Opoponax candles, with their enigmatic balsamic notes, will produce a smell that conjures images of oriental delights and mysteries.


The possible scent combinations are mind-boggling, and is totally up to the taste and imagination of the consumer. The concept of scent combination is a new one for me, but indeed, it captivated my imagination. It didn’t help that the scents produced by the candles, room sprays and perfumes by Diptyque were all unique and of undeniable quality.


You have never smelled lavender, true lavender, until you have smelled it in one of Diptyque’s products. My impression of the lavender smell was the generic, stereotypically sweet, flowery smell in most soaps or fragrances out there, but Diptyque’s version, Feuille de Lavande, is a wholly different smell; the lavender notes actually smell green, like a plant, not just sweet. The floral scents actually smell like living flowers—you can smell fresh leaves and earthy smells.


The boutique store at BGC has scented candles in all sizes, from the 70-gram mini-candles that burn for about 30 hours, to the large 1,500-g indoor/outdoor candles that can burn for up to 150 hours. Also sold in the shop are their room sprays; their unique scented ovals (can last for three months), medallions filled with scented wax that can be placed in drawers, walk-in wardrobes, etc.; their unique electronic scent diffuser; and their distinctly designed hourglass shaped scent diffuser.


Discover new levels of refinement and luxury at the Diptyque Boutique, Central Square Mall in Bonifacio Global City. Diptyque is exclusively brought to the Philippines by Rustan’s. Visit