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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Most Filipinos dread the idea of having a medical check-up: needle insertions, a battery of tests, the sound of medical machines that add more to your anxiety as you await results—these contribute to a very stressful visit to the doctor. Then imagine going through all these in a stuffy and overcrowded environment: you get an unpleasant medical experience that you never want to happen again.

This is where the importance of having a modern, outpatient facility comes in. Your visit to your doctor should not cause you more anxiety because your focus should be on your well-being. That’s why Century Properties Group is initiating a revolution in the country’s outpatient care scene with Centuria Medical Makati, the largest outpatient IT-medical building in the Philippines. It’s a venue for Filipino doctors to bring reliable, comfortable and first class medical experience to their patients.


Centuria is a 28-storey outpatient facility with more than 500 doctors clinics, considered to be superior in its league for the following reasons:

1.) Comprehensive array of reputable medical specialists

Convenience also comes in knowing that the expert help you need in a medical facility is available. Centuria will have more than 600 doctors, of different medical expertise onboard during its first year of operation. These medical practitioners will be equipped to provide the best healthcare assistance they can extend to their patients through such state-of-the-art facilities as a day surgery center, urgent care clinic, diagnostic and imaging center, laboratories, and an executive screening center.

The outpatient facility will run core Centers of Excellence: a breast center, eye and Lasik center, a dialysis center, dermatology center, dental center, reproductive health and fertility center, a stem cell center, and an alternative medicine center.

2.) Cost-efficient medical services

You’re going to get the same expert opinion from hospital doctors, so why pay more? Here, checkups will turn out to be more affordable as consultations will be similar to checkups in stand-alone clinics. Since there are complementary facilities within the building, including a diagnostic laboratory, radiology center, day surgery center and a pharmacy, patients can save a lot of time and transportation expenses by finishing consultations, procedures or tests in one place.

3.) Wide insurance accommodation 

The Centuria facility is accredited by a majority of local and international health maintenance organizations (HMOs), reason why most health insurances are accepted and can be conveniently availed by corporate and individual HMO members.

4.) IT-driven healthcare delivery system

What is technology intended for if not to make your life easy? Centuria will operate in a highly IT-driven system allowing for patients’ health interactions to be integrated electronically. this translates to added convenience for patients, since they can access their diagnostic test results online and transact for appointments or payments much faster.

5.) Strategic partnership with tertiary hospitals

Should there be a need to move a patient with a tertiary level case (serious injuries/health conditions) to inpatient care; Centuria has strong inter-referral systems that will make the endorsement of patients for hospital admission seamless and convenient.

6.) 24-hour services

24/7 convenience will be courtesy of its pharmacy and urgent care clinics. The Centuria pharmacy will serve patients round the clock while the urgent care clinic will also operate 24/7 to treat general illnesses.

7.) Hotel like services


As Centuria is also dedicated to accommodate medical tourists, it is equipped with exclusive guest/recovery suites.Centuria ’s concierge desk will also do travel and accommodation bookings for medical tourists.


8.) Convenient location

Centuria is highly accessible as it is located at Century City, in Kalayaan Avenue within the heart of Modern Makati, and it is also within the vicinity of shopping centers, offices, and various residential communities.

9.) Ample parking spaces

Do away with the stress that comes with finding a parking space because Centuria has sufficient parking areas for the entire facility’s populace.

10.) The presence of amenities

Visits to the doctors just don’t feel too stressful when amenities are within reach. Groceries and a host of restaurants are literally across Centuria as the Century City Mall is nearby few steps away.

Through this revolutionary, holistic approach to providing improved outpatient care, Centuria Medical Makati is set to offer both local patients and medical tourists world class healthcare services all in one stop.