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Your device of choice

You can e-mail, chat or surf the web from different devices now, and we’ve created a list of the commonly used ones as well as their pros and cons when it comes to ease of use, so you know which one to get.

Desktop computer

What:  A desktop computer is a machine that you can have set up on your desk or in your room.

Pros:  Customizable and cheaper, these bigger machines are stationary, but can be equipped with a big screen for easy viewing.

Cons:  Clunky, takes up a lot of space, and not portable. Requires a lot of setup.


What:  Laptops are portable versions of the desktop. Often called notebooks, these clamshell devices are more portable, allowing you to bring it wherever you are.

Pros:  You can choose a model with a big screen; it has a keyboard in case you have activities that require lengthy typing.

Cons:  Some models are heavy, and some also require setup and installation before usage.


What:  Tablets are the latest fad to hit the tech world.  These flat screens are about as big as a sheet of letter-sized paper, and can do most things a desktop or laptop computer can.

Pros:  Handy and easy to bring around, these tablets offer easier content browsing, whether you are reading your favorite magazine, a book, checking e-mail, or surfing the web.  The entire screen is a touchscreen, allowing you to navigate using your finger or a stylus.

Cons:  A tablet is more suited for content browsing.  You cannot use it to read CDs or watch DVDs .


What:  A smartphone is the tablet’s tinier sibling, usually the size of a small index card.  It can do everything the tablet can, plus you can use it to make calls and send and receive text messages.

Pros:  Very handy and portable, this pocket-sized mini-computer can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Cons:  The screen may be too small, requiring frequent zooming in and panning for you to be able to read your content.