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OCTOBER 27, 2022

This new website has been created for upwardly mobile women who are constantly online and live a fast-paced life.

The women’s lifestyle website was officially launched at an intimate event recently with the staff and management’s friends in media, PR and advertising as guests.

Though new, the website is already packed with content to satisfy the interests of modern women who are constantly online.


As a sort of mini-guide to Preen, here is an idea of the website by the numbers:

Women in the Preen video: 14

In a special video, directed by Sara Black and which can be viewed on the website, 14 of the most influential young women today were asked to describe who the Preen woman is.

In addition to Black herself, also featured are Martine Cajucom, Jessica Connelly, Janina Dizon, Janine Gutierrez, Teresa Herrera, Tina Ong, Rhian Ramos, Isabel Roces, Vania Romoff, Lulu Tan-Gan, Laureen Uy, Kiana Valenciano and Tricia Centenera-Valenciano.

Preen staff members: 7

I serve as managing editor; Ria Prieto, editorial director; Randz Manucom, associate managing editor; Chryssa Celestino, features editor; Meg Manzano, contributing editor; Olivia Estrada, editorial assistant; and Jash Manuel, staff photographer.

Preen sections: 7

Unlike most lifestyle websites for women locally, Preen is a complete destination. Not only fashion and beauty are covered, there are also popular sections such as food, culture and events. Newsworthy personalities grace the profiles section.

Stories uploaded per day: 5 to 7

Maintaining a daily lifestyle website isn’t easy! To keep readers constantly engaged, a minimum of five stories per day are uploaded in each of the sections featured on the site.

Number of visits on the site’s launch: 78,000

When Preen debuted online on May 5, some 78,000 readers flocked to the site. Among the popular stories: an op-ed on It girl Georgina Wilson’s career following a much-talked-about falling-out with her manager; a profile on journalist Bambina Olivares; and a story on blogger Kim Jones’ massive walk-in closet.

And there are more stories coming, so keep clicking!