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One of the most satisfying dinners we’ve had

In search of a new dining place, we turned to a foodie friend who referred us to a new discovery, a Makati restaurant.

Happily, our group of four regular diners was not disappointed. We all agreed this was an A-1 restaurant, whose mother company is in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

   La Cabrera Grillado and Bar

6750 Ayala Avenue Business Tower, Glorietta complex, Ayala Ave., Makati City; tel. 0905-9900703

We are familiar with tango, premium beef cuts which are seldom available here, as well as corned beef, but not with Argentina’s authentic cuisine.

Not knowing what to expect, we hurried off and settled at our reserved table, to wait for the rest of our group, whiling the time studying the menu. All items were in Spanish with English translations.

Strangely, while this is an Argentine spin-off from Buenos Aires itself, there are some Italian dishes tagged as “done with the most secret recipes from Palermo.”

Our palette was thus challenged as we anxiously wished our group would soon come.

Dining area—The whole place has a European ambiance. From the main area, one looks out the glass window to busy Makati. Diners get to relax watching humanity hurriedly pass by. The tables and chairs are distanced comfortably such that movement is easy.

There are twin lamps and frames on the wall above the sofas. Interior colors and lighting are subdued. A few steps up, at the end of the main area, are more tables and chairs for more private dining, and where the “little room” is.

Service—Once orders are made, food comes in quick succession.

Staff—This is where this restaurant has an ace over other dining places. Not familiar with the cuisine, our group was taking quite a while to choose from the extensive menu, until one young lady staff member came to our rescue.

She suggested we get one of the Grillados (from the grill), the 500 g Ojo de Bife Madurado 12 dias (rib-eye steak wet-aged in 12 days). An order, she said, would be enough to share, since it came with small dishes and dips.

We took her word for it but also ordered Ensalada Mixta (mixed salad) which was ample enough to share, too.

The greens were fresh and crispy and the cheese topping gave it a little kick.

Then came the steak in all its glory—perfectly black on the outside and lovely pink inside. The slab was imposing and, true enough, more than a dozen little bowls of dips and small dishes came by half dozens.

With a generous serving of bread, this meal was one of the most satisfying we’ve ever had—perfect steak, efficient service, cozy and warm ambiance.

Service and government charges are included in the meal. Senior cards are honored.

 Quiet Diner Rating - 3 spoons