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OCTOBER 27, 2022


SUMMER is on its last leg. Kids and their parents are getting around to the idea that school will be starting again soon. School supply lists are out and ready to be purchased, and school schedules ready to be implemented.

To keep the excitement going a little bit longer, here’s an idea that just might make these reminders and schedules seem like fun. It’s bright, it’s colorful—it’s a floral pin board! You can either hang or prop these babies up where it’s easy to catch what’s important for the week!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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Styrofoam board
Colored paper or colored stock paper
White glue, double-sided tape or glue gun
Cork board pins
Flower-shape cookie cutters or stencils in different types and sizes

1. Trace the shapes of cookie cutters or stencils on colored paper and cut out shapes with scissors.

2. Glue or tape flowers (or whatever shape you decide on) on the Styrofoam board randomly, some overlapping. The more colors, shapes and sizes, the more interesting it gets.

3. Make sure they dry thoroughly.

4. Now you’re ready to pin up anything from schedules and notes to photos and mementos.

There are many themes you can go with for this idea. For boys, you can try dinosaurs or sports shapes.

All these are available in school supply stores like National Book Store or even at SM Department Store or any big supermarket.