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Chucho Martinez and kids

For these dads, every second matters

Golfer, entrepreneur and businessman Chucho Martinez, ThirtySiz-O and Voozu managing director Patrick Filart, and PBA star player and Smart Gilas member Gabe Norwood  talk about the lessons they want to impart on their children, how they make their own mark as a father and the joys of being a dad.

Chucho Martinez

On the most important life lesson for his kids: “Put God first in everything you do. Never stop learning and don’t be afraid to fail.”

On making his mark as a father: “I can teach them how to close deals and respect for people, but all these things can be better achieved when you have a good relationship with Christ Jesus.”

On gifts and surprises: “My children always wanted another dog, but since we had three already, we said no more. Knowing that my birthday is coming up, they told me that they had a surprise gift for me and that I’d love it. The day of my birthday, they gave me “my gift,” and guess what? It was a new puppy! They named him Coby and of course, it became theirs. Talk about smart kids.”

Gabe Norwood

On the most important life lesson for his kids:  “The best thing I can teach them is to have a strong foundation of faith.”

On making his mark as a father:  “I make the most out of every opportunity. As a father, you have a chance to  influence your child’s life. Enjoy every chance you have to build that special father-son bond.”

On being their hero: “Every time I have a game, the boys are always cheering. Even at a young age, they understand it already. It’s sweet that when you ask them who their favorite basketball player is, they’re quick to respond, ‘Daddy!’”

Patrick Filart

On the most important life lesson for his kids:  “True purpose and true love are found in Jesus.”

On making his mark as a father:   “Leaving a positive mark has everything to do with how one wisely and selflessly lives his life.  This is my time to lead my son through words, and more importantly, through actions, just as my dad did with me.”

On being a new dad: “I’m trying to be as much of a sponge as I possibly can, asking and observing family and friends raise their kids, considering and taking it all in. I’m sifting through all of the advice and opinions and deciding what I feel we need to apply when it comes to raising our kid.”

This Father’s Day, TechnoMarine celebrates all fathers for the encouragement, patience, inspiration and guidance they constantly give us. All their time and effort deserve not just a day, but a whole year of celebration, making sure our gratitude is felt each second of every day.