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Pulling your look together!

Pick a character you like the most. “Halloween is about having fun with costumers, so pick a character you can relate to,” says designer Catherine Jannelle. “Act like your character,” she adds. “It’s the way you act while in character that will make it more recognizable.”

Do your homework. “I cosplay as a hobby, so this isn’t my first time to do something like this, but I wasn’t familiar with some of the pegs,” says Catherine. Makeup artist Marj Sia wasn’t also familiar with some of the characters. They Googled and watched videos, then took note of key features in the makeup, prominent textures, and silhouettes of the outfits to capture the feel of a character.

Don’t cram with the preparations. “Give at least an hour or two for preparations if you’re going to do bizarre looks and practice on your face prior to the party to avoid last-minute changes,” says Marj. “Try on your costume with makeup, prosthetics and wigs days before you wear it, so you can check if there is something wrong with your outfit. Keep some safety tips and double-sided tape on hand for adjustments,” says Catherine.

Make it last all night. “Make sure you’re comfortable with the type of outfit and makeup you’ll be wearing for hours,” says Marj. “And be sure to use makeup primer before applying makeup and fixer mist before heading out to make sure it doesn’t melt or get messy.”

Most importantly, have fun!