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Jamon Serrano, Angus cheeseburger, salmon–without the real tarsier

The attraction of Bohol must be in the province’s seamless marriage of the old and the new—of historic churches the likes of which the world will never see again, of quaint beach resorts and five-star resorts, of fireflies/river cruises and extreme water sports.

That strong blend is also felt in the cuisine. Bohol has its native delicacies and coconut-based dishes, and now, fusion fare inspired by continental cuisines. (Related story: Eating your way through Bohol)

Amorita is known for how traditional favorites have been given new twists, such as kare-kare and adobo.

Tarsier Botanika serves fusion cuisine that suits foreign and local tourists who go for urban fare:

Appetizers such as Serrano Spanish ham aged for 23 months, Asian 9 Treasures Salad (the house specialty salad with grilled chicken, caramelized walnuts, fresh mango, chestnuts with sesame vinegar dressing), Coconut Samba (green coconut shell with prawns, papaya, pomelo, herbs and spices); pasta such as Penne al Pesto, Spaghetti a la Vongole; grilled US Angus cheeseburger, American Angus beef tenderloin, rib-eye green pepper steak; grilled Norwegian salmon; the day’s fresh catch; local favorites such as salpicado, chicken and pork adobo.

The ambiance is beautiful—you dine facing the sea.

The huge sprawl is perfect for taking a stroll. The garden is lush and has a variety of trees and foliage—from palms and ferns to tropical blooms.

The owner, Patty Moussempes and her husband were longtime Hong Kong residents who decided to come home to the Philippines. They fell in love with Bohol.

Her passions are gardening and training horses for dressage. Guests can chance upon her working her horses, as soothing music plays in the background. She spends the day with her horses.

The Moussempes couple also have built a museum in the estate to house their artworks that include European paintings and objects collected from various travels. Thelma S. San Juan