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OCTOBER 27, 2022

DEAR Emily,


I am in my 30s and a high-school teacher. I am hating priests now!


My problem started when I fell in love with a religious brother who was on his way to becoming a priest. I met him on a date after just coming to the city from the province.


I was made to believe he was in the academe. I discovered his calling only after I fell in love and went to bed with him.


That was two years ago and I still cannot move on.


When I finally found out, I felt bitter and angry. His ordination day was the worst because I felt suicidal then. We didn’t have a friendly parting. He just left without saying goodbye.


Every time I see his friends who were all in on the huge joke, I want to commit murder. There truly are such horrible people!


Many envy me as I’ve gone up in my career. But nobody knows what a loser I feel like inside.


We were inseparable then. I really loved him. Now, I feel dejected, and depressed that there is such a huge boulder I am carrying.




Aren’t some men such jerks—really! This guy knew in his heart and mind that he was already on his way to priesthood, and still made a pass at you.


You should have dropped him with a thud and obliterated him completely after discovering what he really was.


Entering a “do-not-enter” zone can really shatter your well-being. But, did he promise to marry you after you became intimate with him?


Or did you think he’d have you on the side after he became a priest? It happens.


Have a good, long and generous cry, buckets if you want—but move on.


You met a worthless, no-good worm who apparently was trying to soak in all the joys of human frailty before entering his vocation which he possibly equated with life in prison.


He obviously has no integrity as a man and truly not worth a drop of your tears.


Just pray for his soul —since he probably believed he’d escape karma, as the Lord was out of the coverage area when he was playing around.


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