I’m so glad I gave ‘One More Chance’ a chance | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


I am not a big fan of chick flicks or romance-drama films, much less of local productions. Truth be told, it was my husband Ryan who pushed me to watch any John Lloyd movie because, according to him, JL is the epitome of TNL (tunay na lalake): hindi nahihiyang umiyak kahit saan, kahit kailan.


I finally gave in and saw “One More Chance” two or three years ago when a colleague gave me a copy. Despite my disdain for over-the-top drama, I couldn’t help myself—I cried like a freakin’ baby. It was, and always will be, the perfect breakup movie, with the best hugot lines ever (“Pu**ng ina naman Bash! Ganyan ka ba katigas?”).


So, when news of a sequel popped up on my news feed, I swear, even my own baby, who is eight months old in my tummy, kicked in sheer excitement.




I’m not sure if it’s because of all my pregnancy hormones, but that four-minute teaser had me in tears, especially after Popoy took Basha in his arms after uttering that heartwrenching line—“Hindi ko na sigurado kung tama pang nagkabalikan pa tayo”—while Erik Santos’ “I’ll Never Go” played in the background.


That scene was almost like a page out of my life. As a new wife (barely two years married), I feel that I will be able to relate more to the issues in the sequel—getting to know your spouse and his quirks, petty fights over anything and everything, and basically, adjusting to married life.


Judging by the teaser’s Facebook shares, almost everyone in my age group can hardly wait for “One More Chance’s” sequel, and who can blame us? We grew up with and rooted for Popoy and Basha; their struggle reflected our struggle, their pain was our pain. Now—FINALLY—we get to cry and grow up with them again (and bash Star Cinema’s choice of wigs again!), and see whether or not it ends happily for the love team of our generation.