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“BEJEWELED Blossoms”

Fundacion Sansó offers authentication services

“BEJEWELED Blossoms”
“BEJEWELED Blossoms”

FUNDACION Sansó, which runs Museo Sansó, is urging collectors of the works of Juvenal Sansó to secure a certificate of authenticity from Museo Sansó or Sansó’s duly accredited gallery, Galerie Joaquin.

“Aside from the technique, the composition, the materials used, the important thing in issuing an authenticity certificate for a painting is the provenance,” says Gilda Salita, director of Fundacion Sansó.

“If it comes from an unreliable or unverified source, then there could be doubt. It is the right of the buyer to know who that source or provenance is,” she says. “Protecting collectors is one of the reasons why Fundacion Sansó was established.”

“We can only salute Mr. Sansó for what he has done in helping set up Fundacion Sansó,” she adds.

Fundacion Sansó can be contacted at 9521568. It is at 23 V. Cruz St., Santa Lucia, San Juan City.