Best advice from Laura Mercier: Wear foundation only where you need it! | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Tayaba Jafri

Pakistani makeup artist Tayaba Jafri has made her reel dreams into reality.


“I grew up watching Bollywood films with my family. Indian cinema was definitely an inspiration and influence in my artistry,” she says.


Now she’s parlayed that inspiration into a successful career as director of international artistry and promotions at Laura Mercier Cosmetics.


Jafri regularly flies to exotic locales in Europe, Asia and the Middle East for work, spreading brand awareness and training makeup artists.


New Laura Mercier products I’m loving are… Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Lychee Parfait, as well as Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour in Fuchsia Mauve. These are my current natural and statement lip colors.


If I were a Laura Mercier product… I would be Caviar Eye Stick! It’s so versatile, able to create a classic look or an intense, powerful look. And it can last all day.

When I’m on the road, the Laura Mercier beauty products I must have with me are … Primer Radiance Bronze, Secret Camouflage #6 and Face Polish.


The best advice Laura Mercier has given me is… “Wear foundation only where you need it!” This is so important to keep that flawless, no-makeup look while creating perfect skin with Laura’s Flawless Face Technique. Many women feel foundation needs to be worn everywhere, and it sometimes takes away the natural beauty of their skin. So match the color well, and wear it only where you need it.


I feel unfinished if I leave the house without… fragrance.


Biggest faux pas


The biggest makeup faux pas committed by women is… overtweezing the eyebrows! It’s not their fault. Many aestheticians are not skilled in creating a natural shape.


To properly cover zits and blemishes… 1) Treat the skin. 2) Prime and do your choice of foundation. 3) Do the secret camouflage technique. It’s the most effective; it gives you two colors so you can mix the perfect shade that looks like skin.


To cover zits and blemishes… exfoliate dead skin gently and hydrate well before covering blemishes. This will ensure perfect coverage.


To get that perfect, flawless finish… you need to prep by evening out the skin. Laura Mercier’s secret weapon is her Secret Camouflage makeup. It’s a two-shade concealer you can mix to customize the perfect coverage. It’s Laura’s be-all and end-all for covering imperfections.


To make skin look like it’s glistening from the beach amidst the gloomy weather… use translucent summer shades that make the skin glow effortlessly. Use Laura Mercier’s Face Illuminator in Indiscretion (Summer in Ibiza collection) on the eyes and for illuminating your entire skin. The idea is to get that goddess glow with

as little product and effort possible.


Temporary tattoos


We first saw Lulu DK Tattoos last summer, when stylish girls started sporting the temporary tats to the beach in place of real bling.


But fans are not ready to let go of this fad just yet; the monsoon months are seeing a comeback, with new, unexpected ways of wearing these metallic tats: on your manicure; as a full-on flash sleeve; cuffs above your ankles; and mixing hints of it underneath your usual arm and hand accessories.


Get a hold of Lulu DK Tattoos’ new designs: Mulholland and Wonderland (P1,500), exclusively sold in CommonThread Power Plant and Greenbelt 5, Aura Athletica in Power Plant and BGC, all Nothing but H2O branches, Beauty Bar branches in Metro Manila, All Flip Flops in Boracay, Swim in Boracay, Martish in Davao, Red Dot Boutique in Laoag, Spruce in CDO, Olivia in Bacolod, Tinderbox in Cebu and in Balesin Resort.


Laura Mercier is available at Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-La Plaza, and Alabang Town Center.