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Amanda Lee Lingwei

From ‘chubby’ to beauty queen

Amanda Lee Lingwei
Amanda Lee Lingwei


GEORGE TOWN, Malaysia — For those despairing of ever reaching their fitness goal, they should just look to sales manager Amanda Lee Lingwei.

The 27-year-old, who used to be “chubby” in 2010, slimmed down and won the crown of Miss Hard Rock Penang two years later.

It was not peer pressure and stress, though, that made Lee decide to lose weight.

“I just wanted to be stronger as strong is the new ‘skinny’. When you’re fit, you’re able to do many things without difficulty. I saw the results when I worked out and that motivated me further,” said the self-confessed gym rat.

Despite a hectic working life, Lee never misses her daily workout, finding the time to sweat it out for an hour at the gym before returning home.

“There is no need to spend hours at the gym. It is all about efficiency and what you want to achieve that day,” she said, adding that it was possible to find a balance between work and fitness.

“Instead of only eating for a fitter and healthier lifestyle, I always believe that one needs to incorporate exercise.

“I usually mix up my fitness regime and don’t just constrain myself to a typical type of workout,” said Lee, who does CrossFit on top of her basic workouts, running and swimming.


A photo of Amanda Lee taken back in 2010 when she was chubbier.
A photo of Amanda Lee taken back in 2010 when she was chubbier.


“My favorite is the CrossFit as the workouts usually involves various movements done at high speed,” said Lee, who was also second runner-up to Miss Hard Rock Southeast Asia 2012 as well as a finalist in Miss Malaysia Tourism 2013.

Lee has advice for those looking for quick weight loss – slimming needs time and commitment and certainly not an “overnight” transformation.

“My weight still fluctuates, especially when I don’t work out. You can gain weight in a month but then, take three months to lose that much of weight.

“It’s mainly hard work and consistency. It doesn’t come easy,” she said.


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