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Love wins: Cyberbullied Thai-German gay couple ties the knot

Thai-German couple
SCREENGRAB from Naparuj Mond Kaendi’s Facebook account

After being bullied by bashers online early this year, gay couple Naparuj Mond Kaendi and his German boyfriend Thorsten Mid have tied the knot last October 30 in Germany.


Kaendi posted some of the wedding pictures on his social media accounts.


Netizens wished happiness for the newly married couple by commenting on Kaendi’s photos on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Kaendi is a former creative director of a Thai modeling agency. Meanwhile, Mid was one of the agency’s models.


They have been together for two years before they got married.




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Kaendi and Mid became the target of online hate after their photo, which showed them holding hands while on a train in Bangkok, went viral on social media last April.


Netizens then picked on Kaendi’s physical appearance, while some even said that Mid found a “pet” in the Thai creative director.


Kaendi met the harsh remarks with kindness as he thanked everyone who defended them from bashers.


“#THANKYOU all of you for the support and all the positivity. To be honest I wasn’t so surprised when random people walked to us last night and showed us all these candid pictures of us that have been posted the whole evening. It happened before, same time last year and all the nasty comments left me nothing but worries and tears. This year though, in the other hand, Thorsten and I, unexpectedly, are so thankful and overwhelmed by the storm of your huge support. We never meant to try to be under the spotlight and all… But thank y’all anyway,” he said on a post last April 18. AJH/RAM

  • diegongagimat

    love is for everybody! good for them!


    This is just an evidence that love transcends gender and race! Might be sounded a little poetic but this is how we got to see in the real world. Happy to see more and more people realize that its not for them to judge what’s the norm and what’s not (There are still resistance). As we move forward in our post modern society, what had been considered in the past as “norms” might very well be altered, dogmas will softened and openness of human mind to vast knowledge and ideas in the universe will be the predominant thing we as humans will endure!

  • jojo webmail

    very immoral union… i hope they will not get HIV.

    • Immoral? According to who or what?


      immoral because it doesn’t fit your religious prejudice of how human should love one another! get out of here homophobic religious zealot!

  • Aldrin

    Proof that humanity is circling slowly down the drain….

    • With ignorant people like you, it surely will

  • Mapangasar

    please be kind to animal

  • dan brown skin

    german guy has a pygmy fetish

  • exterminator1

    Haha parang napanood ko to sa brüno. Tapos iniwan siya nun thai pygmy flight attendant hahaha swak pa yun pangalan nun pygmy “kaendick” tapos yun german mukang taga “middle earth” hahaha parang kinuha talaga sa brüno

  • piolo adapa

    what’s the profile ba of lgbt bashers. how many percent are male, female and lgbt themselves. mas marami bang girls na nang bash ng bading and vice versa. on the other hand, mas marami ytang nang bash sa comedy bars na bding…..

  • Evidently, love is blind.

  • Cue_Vas

    I can already see their many cute, beige children.