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OCTOBER 27, 2022

ROSHAN’S Pink Rose
ROSHAN’S Pink Rose
ROSHAN’S Pink Rose


I had a taste of two delicious creations, new discoveries worth sharing with you.


I have been a Roshan Samtani fan after tasting her creation—a moist chocolate cupcake with a tasty custard center, adorned with perfectly piped stars of thick chocolate fudge icing. Colorful sprinkles on top complete the happy look of the cupcake.


Aside from the cupcake, my other favorites include her Food for the Gods in bar and ice cream form, both of which are excellent.

Roshan’s creations are buttery, moist and packed with dates and nuts. These same bars are what she incorporates and whips into her vanilla ice cream base.


Just last week, the lady baker wowed me once more with Pink Rose—a torte that consists of three layers of crisp walnut meringue; sandwiched in between is a lychee-raspberry filling. It is decorated with hand-piped rosettes of rose-flavored cream.


Visually, it’s the lovely shade of pink I find attractive. In taste, it’s the delicateness. While some people do not particularly fancy floral tastes, this one is done so subtly. In fact, it is just the hint of rose that makes this so unique and sublime.


According to Roshan, the torte was created to indulge the sophisticated palates of her clients. She wanted to incorporate the flavor of rose, which is used in many Indian and Middle Eastern desserts.


She found her inspiration, in the famous macaron flavors of Pierre Hermé, thus the rose with a touch of lychee and raspberry.


The rose-flavored cream, the hint of tartness from the raspberries, and the distinct character of lychees create a beautiful symphony. The lychees give balance and an exciting twist to the perfumed rose cream.


The crisp meringue and the crunch from the sugared nuts, meanwhile, lend texture and further heightens this dessert’s appeal. It’s a masterful creation, worthy of all the calories!


Tel. 6317786; or visit


Casero sausages


My favored chorizo makers, Myleen and Coleen Huenefeld of Calidad Española, have come up with something for the holidays, the Casero.


Chorizo Casero is a house recipe that uses garlic and spicy paprika tinged with sweetness derived from good Port wine. Rounder and fuller, it is a juicy, full-bodied chorizo with a kick. It is for those who fancy stronger, bolder, more intensely flavored chorizos.


While it is delicious when sliced and cooked in a little bit of olive oil and served with warm crusty bread, I personally prefer to use the Casero as a chorizo for pasta. Here’s how:


Easy Casero Chorizo Pasta


4 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp pounded garlic

Chili flakes

Half a Casero chorizo, chopped

2 tbsp coarsely chopped herbs—basil, parsley or cilantro




Splash of cream, optional

250 g spaghetti

Baby arugula


Cook spaghetti al dente.

Heat olive oil and sauté garlic.

Add chili flakes to taste.

Add chorizo and cook until oil is extracted from it.

Add your herb of choice.

Add noodles.


Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Add pasta water if you find the noodles too dry. You may also dribble a little olive oil or finish with a splash of cream.

Garnish with arugula and shaved Parmesan.


The Casero is a great way to give your old recipes a new twist—a nice smokiness and depth of flavor. Try using this chorizo instead in your pochero, callos, cocido, or add it to your nilaga and taste the transformation of the dish.


Calidad Española, tel. 5856366

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