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OCTOBER 27, 2022

CHEF Ambrosio Abes’ roast turkey package



A nine-day taping in Japan for our TV show “Foodprints” gave us the chance to experience what is probably the most delicious Japanese cuisine.


The people of Japan, along with their country’s history and culture, especially their food, were amazing. In other tapings, I would usually go on a diet two weeks before and two weeks after. But for Japan, it should be a month before and a month after.


After our crazy-delicious food expeditions, I must have gained 15 pounds. So, a day after arriving in Manila, I was already on diet mode. While on the car from the airport, I got a text that a turkey has been sent to the house. Keep it in the fridge, I replied.


I was planning to take the family out because it was my son Arturo’s birthday the next day. But to save on cost, I decided to have the turkey heated in the oven. The package came with mashed potato, cranberry and gravy; it was a huge whole roast bird with the skin all crunchy.


I did an hour on the treadmill and felt great about my goal to lose some of the weight I gained in Japan. So I decided to just have the turkey’s white meat, with very little gravy and a tablespoon of mashed potatoes.


But what a miserable failure I turned out to be—again!


While taking a slice of the leg, I knew this was going to be a fantastic meal. The skin cracked as I cut through it, and the meat was moist and tender.


I had three thick slices, plus mashed potato, cranberry, fantastic stuffing, some black rice—and then poured gravy on everything on my plate. It was the gravy that bound everything together.


Everyone at the table could not stop raving about how delicious this meal was. So, even if Thanksgiving is done, I beg you to try the dish. You will thank me for it.


There was a lot of leftovers, by the way, but I am having the meat deboned, sliced and stored. We will be having turkey for the next few days. I plan to get some ciabatta bread, and fill it with turkey, gravy and Havarti cheese—panini-style.


If Canada celebrates Thanksgiving sometime end of October, and America does it end of November, I would like to do it anytime I get a turkey this good. Congratulations to the chef who made it, Ambrosio Abes. I tip my toque to you!


Happy eating!


Roast turkey with all the fixings by chef Ambrosio Abes, tel. 0918-9098850 or 984-0065.


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