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OCTOBER 27, 2022


If you’re a big fan of being your own boss and owning your schedule, then setting up your own business may just be your best bet. Here are a few fail-proof businesses that you can easily set up and run while wearing pajamas!


  1. Home catering. A talent in the kitchen can go beyond feeding you and your family! Feed others as well by offering to cater for small parties and gatherings. The best part? You get free advertising through word-of-mouth referrals!

    You will need: kitchenware and appliances, ingredients, packaging, and a vehicle for deliveries (optional)


  1. Auto repair. If you like tinkering with car parts in your spare time, then consider monetizing your hobby and set up an auto repair shop in your garage. Start by offering your services to friends and pretty soon you’re going to have your hands full with quite the clientele!

    You will need: ample garage space and tools

  2. Baked goods. Sure, businesses that sell baked goods are a dime a dozen these days. Be sure to stand out by putting your own twist to your drool-worthy creations! It could be something as simple as giving your goods quirky and unique names or something that requires a bit more creativity such as altering classic recipes to fit a concept or theme you have in mind.

    You will need: kitchenware and appliances, ingredients, packaging, a vehicle for deliveries (optional)

  3. Commissioned art projects. Turn your affinity for art into an asset by doing commissioned work. Whether you’re good at making paper crafts or designing logos, we’re sure you could whip up something worth selling! Begin with a low price range and then work your way up as you build your clientele and gain experience.

    You will need: art materials

  4. Tailoring. From altering hems to making a ball gown from scratch, you can do so much work as a tailor while relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

    You will need: a sewing machine and different kinds of fabric


  1. Perfumery. Help people find their signature scent by concocting unique blends of fragrance! Through perfume-making seminars you can attend for a very small fee, you can learn the art and science of making your own scent and get a starter kit as well. When you’re all set to start your sweet-smelling business, remember to give out samples of your lovely scents, and then watch as people come back for more!

    You will need: glassware, fragrance oils, other ingredients, and bottles/vials


  1. Fancy jewelry. Making your own jewelry only takes a few materials and a bit of your time, but like perfumery, you can opt to attend a few classes on the basics of making jewelry before proceeding to create the most imaginative accessories ever made.

    You will need: tools (pliers, wire cutters, beading needles, etc.), materials (wires, threads, beads, clasps, etc.), and packaging


  1. Gardening / landscaping services. Got a green thumb? Help others set up their vegetable or decorative gardens by doing the legwork for them. Not only have you beautified a home, but you’ve also added some more plants to the planet! You can even take care of some plants for a while until they are ready to be sold.

    You will need: gardening tools, seeds, a vehicle (for home services)

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