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Gloria Diaz. FILE PHOTO

Gloria Diaz wants Miss Universe host slapped with hefty fine

Gloria Diaz. FILE PHOTO
Gloria Diaz. FILE PHOTO




THE host of the Miss Universe 2015 coronation night who announced the wrong winner of the pageant should pay a fine, said the 1969 Miss Universe winner Gloria Diaz on Monday.

“He should pay a fine of 100 thousand dollars to Ms. Columbia and to the Ms. Universe,” Diaz said in an interview with TV Patrol, referring to Steve Harvey.

During the coronation night on Monday morning (Philippine time),  Harvey mixed up the result of the pageant as he announced that Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez won the Miss Universe but later apologized as Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was the rightful winner.

Meanwhile, Margie Moran, the 1973 Miss Universe, said she “felt sorry for both candidates.”

But Moran said Wurtzbach was the rightful winner because she exceled in the question and answer portion,

“She answered very well. She’s very confident,” Moran said in an interview with TV Patrol.

As for Diaz, Wurtzbach’s victory was “amazing,” ending a title drought of 42 years for the Philippines which last won the crown in 1973.

“Forty-two years, that’s a long time. It’s amazing,” she said.

Weighing on Wurtzbach’s answers during the question-and-answer portion, she said her first answer was “easy.”

“The first answer for me was easy, playing to the Americans. That’s fine, of course I love America. Take me with you,” Diaz said.

During the question-and-answer portion, Wurtzbach was asked on her stand on the reestablishment of US military bases in the country.

Citing the shared history of the Philippines and the US, Wurtzbach said that the Philippines is “very welcoming” to the Americans.

“I don’t see any problem with that at all,” she said.

During final question and answer portion,   all the candidates answered the question: “Why should you be the next Miss Universe?”

Wurtzbach, who was the last to answer, said that she wants to lend her voice to certain causes such as HIV/AIDS awareness and youth issues.

“I want to show the universe that I am confidently beautiful with a heart,” she said.

Diaz said Wurtzbach’s second answer was “really very inspired.

The Philippines last took home the crown in 1973, courtesy of Margie Moran. It was a short wait after the first victory of Gloria Diaz in 1969. NC


  • Hey_Dudes

    Truth is, Steve Harvey fouled up big time. I know he is extremely sorry knowing he had done a terrible thing. However, what Steve Harvey feels right now cannot equal the trauma he inflicted upon Miss Colombia. Although she needed to surrender the crown, flower and sash, her embarrassment not only in that whole venue cannot equal what she feels before her countrymen in Colombia. I don’t think there is more that Steve Harvey can do except a hope that he will no longer emcee next years’s Ms. Universe pageant.

    • invisiblebusinesswoman

      Trauma? Oh, come on. A moment of confusion, yes. Trauma? No. If her countrymen think less of her because of this mistake, that’s really messed up.

  • wrong spelling na naman ang Colombia… ang hirap ba i-spell yan?

  • makabayan88

    BAGSAK nga raw sa spelling si harvey

    tas may problem pa sa READING class nya

    kaya ayun!







  • CALIGULA the younger

    Miss Universe= Bullshit. Even the hosts are picked from the cespool sidewalk. Only id iots would waste their time with that nonsensical pageantry. Good for the little people, vying for some superficial world respect. Isang kasayangan ng oras! Hahaha.

    • Don’t make me Un-Friend You!!!

      Then, why bother commenting?

  • Ob Server

    It’s not only the guy who should pay the cost of moral damages… the Miss Universe Pageant production should at least take the blame and shoulder the damages as well

    • invisiblebusinesswoman

      There are no damages! In fact, this whole thing is giving Ms. Colombia more attention than had it not happened. Her reputation is skyrocketing because of the gracious way she has handled this. If anything, she is much better off, and will make more money in endorsements, than had she been named first runner up in the first place. Should she pay Steve Harvey for the boost to her career this has given her?

  • Don’t make me Un-Friend You!!!

    Buti na lang di niya sinabi Miss. Corinthian!!!

  • Vino Rocha

    Dear Gloria Labandera = how do u fine a host for making an honest human mistake?
    And 2nd, how do u enforce it if he doesn’t wanna pay up?
    At age 64, perhaps u need to double up on your Geritol pills Gloria baby

  • CALIGULA the younger

    With all the money these mo rons are raking in, don’t even have the intelligence to hire somebody that can read nor write. Hahaha.

  • Avery_23

    This year’s contestants are all ugly.