9 GV statements every guy should send out to the universe to make sure #2016LooksGood! | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

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New Year’s resolutions are so last year. Literally! Why commit yourself to something you know in the back of your mind you’ll ditch in a couple of weeks when you can own the incoming year like the master of the universe that you are? Here are 9 statements you can send out there to attract good vibes this coming year that will make you say #2016LooksGood!

#2016LooksGood because this is the year I will free my mind and start my very own journal. No, it’s not girly. Yes, you’ll probably be in it. No, you can’t read it.


A lot of great men, from Jose Rizal to Winston Churchill, kept journals — and now you will join their ranks. You know that consistent journal writing will help reduce your stress, assist your cognitive functions, and boost your general well-being this coming year. For you, the adage “To write is to live life twice,” has never been truer and that’s why your 2016 looks good.

#2016LooksGood because I’ve started cleaning up my apartment and made it look like an adult actually lives there! Now my pad will no longer look like it came straight out of an episode of Hoarders.



You’ve finally realized that making your way through piles of old men’s magazines, stacks of moldy pizza boxes, and crumpled beer cans just to get to your door is no way to live. You’re a grown-up and it’s time to start acting like one! You want your life in order and you will start with your pad. Now 2016 looks good because you can finally invite your co-workers for a Friday night poker sesh to a home that doesn’t look like a frat house.

#2016LooksGood because I know I’ll be able to summon the guts to ask her out on a date. Turns out she likes me as well! I will finally get out of the friend zone!


At last! You’ve finally summoned the guts to go where no friend has gone before. This is a year of milestones for you, from changing your social media status to “In a relationship” to finally being able to just chill and be your genuine self whenever you’re with her. 2016 looks good fo’ sho’!

#2016LooksGood because I’m facing my fears and grabbing life by the cojones! Achievement unlocked!


This is the year you speak in front of a crowd — without having to imagine everyone in their underwear. This is the year you jump off a bridge — with your ankles tied to a rope. This is the year you face that thing that terrifies you the most — by petting your friend’s tarantula. This is the year you sit on the ground and almost cry — tears of joy after finishing all 42 kilometers of your first full marathon. 2016 looks good because you will conquer your fears and get out of your comfort zone.

#2016LooksGood because I’ll go from Dad Bod to Breaking Bad! I will stop wishing I look good and actually start Crossfit training and working my ass off.


This coming year will see you transform yourself from Walter White to Heisenberg. Instead of wasting your time sharing memes, binge-watching prank videos, or going on an all-night drinking sesh with your buddies, you fix your diet, start riding your bike daily, and go full caveman in the gym. Being active not only upgrades your physique, it improves the overall quality of your life as well. Better get a license for them guns, hotshot!

#2016LooksGood because I now know how to tune my car, set up my apartment’s entertainment system, and create a presentation deck like a pro! Now if I could only learn how to change a light bulb.


Because you know nothing’s sadder than a man who doesn’t know how to do anything, you decide to learn at least one new skill this year to level yourself up. Now you’re confident that, no matter what life throws your way, be it a flat tire, a leaky faucet, or a rush presentation request from your boss an hour before a client meeting, you have the skills that lets you walk the talk.

#2016LooksGood because I will Warren Buffett the heck out of my money and learn how to invest my earnings instead of living from paycheck to paycheck.


Now that you’re part of the workforce, you decide that the best way to enjoy life is to grow your money. Whether it’s opening your own web store or trading stocks (how mature!), you know that allotting a portion of your monthly salary in responsible investing will make not just 2016 look good, but the rest of your life as well.

#2016LooksGood because I will finally take that solo road trip I’ve been meaning to take and visit every single province in Luzon. All 38 of them, to be exact!


This is the year you fulfill what every red-blooded male was meant to do: fill your tank with gas, drive without a plan, and have an unforgettable adventure. To where? Only you will know. Once you’re done, you would’ve earned more XP than you know what to do with, learned what you’re really made of, and will have one killer story to tell your future grandkids.

#2016LooksGood because I will upgrade my personal style. I may not be the boss at work (yet) but I sure do look and feel like one! Getting some attention from the ladies is just a bonus. I’m doing this for myself.


Because you don’t wanna spend the rest of your life wearing the same baseball cap + t-shirt + cargo shorts combo you’ve been sporting since high school, 2016 is the year you level up your signature style. You keep it real, though: You don’t rely on labels, logos, or what’s trendy. You know that sticking to the classics and combining pieces that express who you are is where it’s at.

Tell us how you plan on revving up your life this coming year! Whether it’s by pursuing your dreams or cultivating your passions, join the conversation on Twitter with #2016LooksGood and by tagging @niveamen_ph. Send it out to the universe and own 2016!