Volatile times–but lots of opportunities–in the year of the wily Fire Monkey | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


AS THE year of the Fire Monkey starts on Feb. 8, the Philippines will maintain its good luck cycle, basking in fame and fortune.


“The Filipinos are talented. They will continue to bring honor to the country,” says feng shui master Marites Allen.


Looking at the Four Pillars chart, a reading on fate, character and luck in relation to the elements, Allen foresees sudden changes, though revolutionary, especially in top government posts.


The Fire-Metal combination will produce greater advancement in technology.


“Metal is the energy of productivity for 2016,” says Allen. “Depending on the location of the Metal element on your chart, it can either help you save money or increase your wealth,” says Allen.


The transformative Fire element stands for an active year in the finance world and also an interest in well-being, psychology and esoteric studies.


Although the Fire element can spur eruptions in man and nature, it can also bring harmony and resolution.


With a weak Wood element (symbol for livelihood and new beginnings), businessmen will have a hard time redeeming their inventories. Small businesses will fold up due to intense competition.


Water is indicative of either energy flow or an abyss and danger. The absence of the Water element means weak leadership. The hidden Water element in the Fire Monkey year will signify the Philippines’ continuing territorial disputes with China.


The Wealth Star will enhance the energy to increase wealth, either through increased opportunities or scheming tactics.


On the feng shui animal signs, the Snake, Dragon and Rat, friends of the Monkey, can expect pleasant relationships.


The Sheep and Monkey will bask under the Wealth Star, while the Rabbit will experience prosperity and the Horse will get a windfall of luck.


Health and relationships


The Monkey, Tiger and Snake will be confronting health and relationships issues.


The Tiger, Horse, Dog, Pig, Rabbit and Sheep will enjoy more opportunities for travel but must be wary of travel-related accidents.


The most evil star, the Misfortune No. 5, will afflict the Ox and the Tiger. The Horse and the Rat will be impacted by the Three Killings Star which represents mishaps, robbery and loss of reputation.


On leadership, Allen points out that it will be a good year for women or matriarchal figures.


Asked about Alden Richards (Sheep) and Maine Mendoza (Boar), Allen says the AlDub partnership reflects their compatibility: “Sheep and Boar are astronomical allies.”


In all, the mischievous Monkey will bring instability in economy, relationships and business. With the Fire element, volatility is high and our personal safety is at risk.


“People will be more concerned about making money and do whatever it takes to get ahead of the game,” says Allen. “Be strong. Otherwise, opportunities will be snatched so easily and without mercy. It’s easy to lose friendship over money.”


Feng shui expert Shirley Chen adds that the Year of the Fire Monkey will herald explosive conditions, more disasters and accidents and civil wars.


The Flying Star lords over the 2016 destiny pattern. When it passes through the center of the Philippines, it can bring misfortune, outbreak of diseases, particularly in stomach, intestines and respiratory ailments, natural and manmade disasters.


Hostilities will persist, and Chen predicts that the wiliness of the Monkey will bring rampant cheating and corruption.


“Even if there is a good star like the Courage and Military Star, there will still be disputes despite a relatively stable situation,” says Chen.


The directions of the Celestial Stars will drive more thefts, loss of wealth and lawsuits.


Since the Monkey is wily, it’s a good year to take up a physical activity. The fire element favors businesses involving baking, metal works, goldsmithing and jewelry. The stock market will also flourish.


“The Tiger will be affected, especially if they have elderly parents. We need to take care. Celebrate their birthday with happiness to drive the bad omens,” says Chen.


“April and May will be good months for opportunity. Otherwise, don’t make hasty major investments or buy property. The flow of wealth won’t be smooth. Keep a low profile, and stand firm no matter what.”