From silver to gold, Profil Holidays always the better experience | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Profil Holidays is one of the country’s leading travel and tours company in the Philippines. They are known to pioneer package tours that has never been offered by its counterparts, making it that top-of-mind choice for tour operators and travel companies when it comes to better itineraries and more exciting destinations for their customers.

The selection of outbound tour packages of the company concentrates on top and unique tourist destinations in the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America, New Zealand, Europe, and South Africa.

Over the years, it was able to create a reputation based on credibility and integrity to become the most noteworthy company that goes the extra mile for its partners.

Now celebrating their 25th year in the travel and leisure business, Profil Holidays aims to re-establish connections and strengthen relationships between Tac Tours and the travel agencies, travel agents, and tour operators, who, in spite of the growing trends and the changing landscape in the business, continue to keep the loyalty and patronage of their partners.

In addition, the company shall look forward to a committed journey for excellence with more destinations to offer, and the expansion of industry partners it will serve. And these can only be achieved through the four most important credo that the company has kept since its inception 25 years ago.

1. Brand of Service – Trustworthy and transparent

2. Expertise in Product Offerings – Knowing which packages would work and wouldn’t work for the Client

3. Extensive Network of Trustworthy Suppliers – Brought about by more than two decades of experience and strong relationships

4. Wide Coverage of Packages – Wider range of travel packages even in countries least offered by competition for travel and tours

To keep up with the changing times in the global market, Profil Holidays is making again another milestone by launching Travel Scout–a mobile app designed for travel agents, tour operators, travelers, and aspiring wanderers making it a one-of-a-kind.

If you are thinking about downloading separate travel apps to meet your travel needs, Travel Scout ensures to address all these demands, giving you a hassle-free holiday.

Indeed, as the silver year anniversary heads to its golden year celebration in 2041 with the theme “Profil Holidays: Always, the Better Experience.”

Profil Holidays is located at 4F/P Cynros Bldg, 513 Alonzo St., Malate, Manila

For further inquiries, please call tel. numbers: 711-25-06 / 711-25-07 / 711-2508 / 711-25-09.