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Wizards Gallery: Where you make magic happen

Are you in search of the ultimate spine chilling experience?

Would you like to wave a magic wand and stop an angry skeleton from attacking you and your friends?

If you enjoy the suspense of horror flicks then step into the frightening but exciting world of the Wizards Gallery at Mall of Asia, and witness the scary creatures unfold before your eyes.

The hair-raising attraction is a far cry from the typical local horror houses, where people dress up like ghost and scare you away. The robotic phantoms at Wizards Gallery employ the state-of-the-art technology used in blockbuster films like “Jurassic Park,” and “Harry Potter.” The monsters look so real it feels like an actual exploration of the creepy underworld.

Three wizardry experiences can be explored at Wizards Gallery: Shooting Gallery good for individual players; Wizard’s Duel, which allows two players to cast spell to each other; and an Interactive Shooting Walk-Through, both for individuals, partners or groups, all using a wizards wand!

The Shooting Gallery tests the level of individual’s shooting speed. It lets players target various hiding places of the Dragons, Spiders, Witches and Wizards all in one room in 1 (one) minute!

The Wizard’s Duel on the other hand allows two players casting spells against each other by hitting targets and earns points. Each target triggers a destructive effect on the opponent, may it be an earthquakes, air blasts, snake attack or even mini explosions!

The most exciting wizardry experience is the Interactive Shooting Walk-Through. Here you will feel to be like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Professor Snape or Lord Voldemort among others.

In the Interactive Shooting Walk-Through you can make brooms fly, dragons roar, and things of all sorts and sizes come to life with just a flick of your wand! You will pass through different chambers – the entry chamber welcomes you with animated armors, pop out ghoul, standup skeletons, soul seekers; the armory chamber, Slayer chamber, Spider’s Lair, Crypt, Ghostly Chamber and ElderDragon’s Chamber to name a few.

Wizards Gallery challenges the brave souls with its loud mouthed and feisty ghouls, dragons, ogres, mummies, hiding in every corner of the dark castle. There is no turning back. With a single “escape path” adventures seekers are given a magic wand to silence every creature along the way, including the fierce monsters locked-up in cages.

The Wizards Gallery combines the ghosts of “Harry Potter” with the horrifying suspense of” Friday the 13th,” But instead of simply watching the movie or playing the video game, kids and adults can actually come face-to-face with the walking dead in a fun, thrilling and safe environment.

The Wizards Gallery is the newest attraction from Kidz Republic, a company that specializes in family entertainment centers. The company started in 2006 with by offering themed amusement centers in various SM Malls.

“At that time, we wanted a place where kids can have fun while in the mall” explained Kidz Republic owner Gigi Chua. Kidz Republic is known for its fun attractions like mazes, tubes, hanging bridges, air cannons, and other interesting activities, that keep the little ones preoccupied.

Wizards Gallery is an entirely new concept that aims to attract a wider audience including teens and office workers who crave for a different kind of excitement, like the thrill of fighting a monster with your own magic wand.

“It’s fun, scary and very safe. If you like ‘Harry Potter’ you will enjoy ‘Wizards Gallery,” she said.
Wizards Gallery located at the ground floor of SM Mall of Asia is open to adults and kids ages 7 and up.

Kids Republic also invites you to visit “Pirates Quest” at SM Megamall. A scene out of the hit movie “Pirates of the Caribbean,” kids and adults will escape a ship wreck to fight smugglers and buccaneers. Just like Wizards Gallery, Pirates Quest has shooting gallery and Interactive Shooting Walk-Through but this time using a Pirate’s Gun!

The Wizard Gallery can be experienced at the ground floor, Main Building at SM Mall of Asia. Aside from walk-ins, it offers group reservations for parties or any occasions. For inquiries and reservations, you can call Wizards Gallery at 0905-2371522.