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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I FIRST met the then 44-year-old Muslim energy healer, Warka Adala of Zamboanga City, in late November 2002, when he wanted me to examine his hand believed to be radiating energy. It seemed to heal diseases of any kind.


I am very skeptical of such claims of healing powers. So I wanted to see it for myself and invited Warka to do some healing on people coming to a healing conference.


The few persons who tried Warka’s healing energy were relieved of various ailments, from migraines to arthritic pains.


I then invited him to demonstrate his healing powers before a dozen relatives and friends in our parental home in San Juan City.


Of the 20 patients who came, only four didn’t experience relief.


As I wrote in my column on Jan. 21, 2003, it was an impressive healing performance, given the cases he encountered that day, which included back pain, hernia, cysts on the breast, sore throat, blurring of vision, migraine, sinusitis, constipation, tendinitis, chest pains and hearing difficulty.


Good Samaritans


After Warka guested on my then radio program on DZMM, many people came to see him in his temporary quarters at a small hotel in Makati, but when the place’s owner (the wife of a retired army general) saw the multitude, she drove the healer out of the premises, shouting at the top of her voice, “I don’t need your money!”


She did this even as the healer was busy working on a person with goiter, whose eyes had already bulged out of their sockets. Fortunately, several good Samaritan patients donated money right at that instant to book Warka in a bigger hotel nearby.


Warka heals by simply laying his hand on the affected area. I observed that the healing energy emanating from Warka’s hands does not have any “specialization,” because any type of ailment seems to respond to it, especially those involving pain or abnormal growth in a person’s body.


One time I invited a female medical doctor—a former student who was a rheumatoid arthritis specialist and former medical director of a large international pharmaceutical company—to observe Warka’s healing action. This happened in a building in Pateros owned by Artemio Cataquiz, developer of the mystical Ciudad Verdadero in Lucban, Quezon.


The patient to be treated was a middle-aged woman with goiter. Before Warka began to treat her, I asked the doctor to examine her. She placed her hand on the patient’s throat area and felt the growth. Then Warka placed his right hand over the affected area for about 10 minutes.


Afterwards, the patient said she could swallow better, but there was still some obstruction. Warka said she needed another session for the goiter to completely disappear.


Then I asked the doctor to examine the patient again. With a surprised look, she exclaimed, “No, this can’t be!” I asked why, and she replied that the size of the goiter had shrunk by half! She said she had never seen anything like that.


Another patient I referred to Warka was a Japanese woman with so many lumps or cysts all over her body, including both legs. The lumps did not seem to be malignant, and apparently did not cause any pain. Japanese doctors didn’t know what to do with her case except to remove these lumps surgically, which she had refused.


Warka treated her by simply placing his hand on that part of her body with the most number of cysts.


After two days of treatment, half of the lumps had disappeared, according to her Japanese husband, whom I interviewed. Because they left after two days of treatment, I didn’t know what happened to her later.


Physicians, priests and nuns


Even physicians, priests and nuns have gone to Warka, and most were healed of their ailments.


Dr. Ted Ablaza, 54, a pediatrician and school physician of St. Theresa’s College, suffered from a urinary tract infection and was bleeding. Medication taken after thorough medical examinations did not cure his sickness. After treatment by Warka in his clinic at Rothman Hotel on Adriatico St., Malate, his bleeding stopped.


He then referred his mother, an anaesthesiologist suffering from lethargy, lapses in memory, irascibility and numbness in certain parts of her body, to Warka. According to him, all her problems disappeared.


Dr. Ablaza and his family became frequent visitors of the healer, and he even gave me permission to name him in this article.


Warka also told me of a number of prominent doctors and professionals he has treated, and who refer relatives and friends to him for healing. One patient was a Health undersecretary.


One of the first questions Warka asked me was, “What is the nature of this energy?” and if I had ever encountered anybody else doing the same thing.


I have known others healing simply through the laying of hands. One reads about Jesus Christ’s miraculous healing in the Gospels, and he said anybody else can do what he has done.


There are also many healers who use only their natural energy to treat people. I myself have done this on several occasions. But I do not consider myself a healer, and only experimented with it out of curiosity.


This energy has been called by many names in various cultures. In India it is called “Prana”; in China, “Chi,”; in Japan, “Ki.”


Anton Mesmer called it “magnetism” or “vital force”; Karl Von Reichenbach called it “Orgone” energy; Wilhelm Reich called it “Odic Force”; Soviet scientists call it “bio-energy” or “bio-plasma”; and George Lucas, in “Star Wars,” calls it “The Force.”


This force or energy has been seen by clairvoyants and sensitives all over the world, recorded by magnetic resonance machines, photographed through “Kirlian photography,” and felt as either heat or cold by patients.


Despite the prevalence of this invisible, subtle energy, it is rejected by mainstream science, and its practice regarded as “quackery.”


Nevertheless, to the many patients who have been cured of various illnesses by Warka, the existence of this energy is an unquestionable fact.


For those who want to reach Warka, call 0916-4080745. The next Inner Mind Development seminar will be on March 12-13, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Interested parties may call tel. 8107245 or mobile no. 0998-988-6292; e-mail: jaimetlicauco@yahoo.com.

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