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Bb. Pilipinas 2016 hopeful kicked out over racy photo


A contestant eyeing one of the five crowns in the Binibining Pilipinas 2016 beauty pageant has been disqualified from the competition supposedly over a racy test photo.


The disqualification of Bb. Pilipinas #20 contestant Kim Ross Delos Santos was first raised on social media by Mercator Models president Jonas Gaffud.


Gaffud, who also heads the Aces and Queens beauty queen camp which mentored Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, said that Delos Santos was deprived of due process when she was disqualified.


He said that the photo under scrutiny “did not come out in any publication and was supposed to be a high end fashion shoot by The Doc Marlon (Pecjo) who makes artwork not pornography.”


“It’s sad that today, the International Women’s Day, our candidate was disqualified because of her work as a model. A Filipina model photographed by the same photographer who worked with BPCI in the past, in an expressive work of art alongside with a respected male international supermodel. These works of art are not deemed pornographic. It saddens me that while we celebrate love and equality, the very organization that should uplift women denies them the chance to demonstrate empowerment,” Gaffud said in his Facebook page.


He accused the lawyers of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI), the organization behind the prestigious beauty pageant, of not checking what the photo was about.


The 26-year-old Delos Santos, seen by beauty queen afficionados as a strong contender for a Binibini crown, is a professional model.


She won the title Elite Model Look in 2005 and placed second runner-up in Miss Aliwan Festival 2009.


A source from the BPCI who was not authorized to speak on the matter confirmed that Delos Santos was indeed disqualified.


The source said that the BPCI lawyers are still discussing the issue.


“Yes, it is true. But our legal department and BPCI are still having a meeting about it,” the source told on Wednesday.


Five titles are up for grabs in the said pageant: Miss Universe Philippines, Bb Pilipinas International, Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental, Bb Pilipinas Supranational, and Bb Pilipinas Grand International.


The coronation night will be held at the Araneta Coliseum on April 17. AJH

  • CALIGULA the younger

    Puros mga walang kwentang beauty contest ng mga pelepenoys. Kawawa naman kayo. Yan lang kasi kaya ng utak nio eh.


      are you talking about your self?…. lol

    • chinkpanzee

      Tama ka, kasi kayong mga intsik ANGPAPANGIT lahat kaya hindi pinag-uusapan ang beauty contest, hahaha!
      Dogshow lang lagi pinag-uusapan nyo, kasi duon kayo bagay, hahaha!

    • I dont care

      Naiingit ang dilaw na unggoy kasi wala pang intsik nanalo sa Miss Universe, World, International at iba pa. Kasi mga babae nila walang mga boobs, pwet, at mukha0–di pa marunong magEnglish.

      • CALIGULA the younger

        Mga pelepenoys. Pagka babaw.

      • I dont care

        Nagalit ang dilaw na unggoy.


    Clearly Kim is not smart enough to avoid those racy pictures. So tama lang na tanggalin na yan. Sayang lang sa oras. We need smart and cultured candidates to represent our country like Pia. Yung may pinagaralan. Hindi yung tulad nitong Kim na inalok lang ng konting pera, nagbold na

    • Stephanie Marie

      We agree! Philippines need those educated, decent, morally upright Bb. Pilipinas winners who deserves the RESPECT and ADULATION with those CROWN on their head to represent our country and be good ROLE MODELS to the young!

      No SCANDALS please!

  • Juan Sanchez

    sana pinakita yung photo para may basehan tayo kung racy nga o hindi. (kindat, kindat.)

  • Bansot

    What’s wrong with the photo? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so they say, and so everyone may express their own opinion, based on their personal perspective. This is simply politics and personal jealousy. No wonder we Filipinos, will always be behind.

  • regd

    How about let us, man, be the judge for that. Where’s the photo?

  • Linux

    Where is that racy photo?
    I’m interested before I pass my comment.
    It might have been initiated by insecure contestant.

  • JC

    she looks stunning pa naman… model pa. usually nananalo sa MU is a model. Politics sa BPCI.

  • PHtaxpayer

    Its probably political. The organizers don’t want to accept contestants who are professional models because it will be harder to exploit them if they win. Hypocrites. They parade around in bikinis yet judge if fully-dressed models are “too sexy”.

    • Stephanie Marie

      check the picture, you can just google it! it’s all over the internet now and can’t be hidden forever.

  • rompe kandado