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OCTOBER 27, 2022

No one can definitely state the absolute status of our environment; but one thing we can be sure of is that in the recent years, our planet has been struggling to get better. Lately, each continent has been experiencing its own share of uncanny weathers: prolonged winters, extremely hot days and super typhoons. Various governmental institutions have been rampantly campaigning on the effects of global warming and climate change and what we can do about it. And numerous researches reveal that if each of us do our part to conserve energy and adapt an environment-friendly lifestyle, we could help stagnate or even stop its depletion completely.

Helping out doesn’t necessarily mean joining NGOs and doing volunteer work (but this could also help a lot!). It could simply start from our own lifestyles every day. We’ve prepared you a list that you can incorporate in your daily activities:


1. Be conscious of bath time 

Everybody needs to clean up daily. But the sad truth is, most people do so with little regard with the use of energy. Prolonged showers also mean we’re hurting the use of resources such as water. A quick 10 to 15 mins. shower could do the trick. Or, if you truly feel like helping the planet, opt for the pitcher and bucket option. This way, you can limit the amount of water you use by buckets. Say, one bucket per bath time! Not only you will reduce your water consumption but also the energy costs associated with bath time!


2. Have your own coffee cup

Instead of opting for paper cups when you drink a cup of joe, why not have your own reusable cup instead? A tumbler would also help you do your part in limiting the number of products being thrown out to the trash each day. You can even bring these to your favorite coffee shops and add a more personal touch to your coffee-drinking experience! Most cafes support this lifestyle by offering discounts when you bring your own cup. We probably have heard from our childhood days that papers come from trees. The less we consume, the more trees we save.


3. Let your fingers do the errands – online
We now live in a generation where everything can be accessed online. Instead of leaving the house to pay for your bills, go window shopping or do your groceries, shift from offline to online. With the rise of debit and credit cards, this seems a pretty great (and hassle-free) idea. You won’t have to consumer gasoline and you also help save the trees by going paper-less! E-receipts are a thing now too. It’s also a great habit to develop better time management skills. As you wait for your product, you can clean the house or recycle other things indoors.


4. Avoid plastic bags
Just recently, a major broadsheet reported that the Philippines has been listed as the third highest producer of plastic waste thrown in the ocean after China and Indonesia. National Coordinator of the EcoWaste Coalition, Aileen Lucero said that this should serve as a wake-up call to the government, industry and the public. In a rampant effort, after typhoon Yolanda, local government units adapted a NO PLASTIC policy, which prevented local businesses from using anything plastic from grocery bags to utensils.

Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, which makes it a permanent waste in our oceans. Resusable bags or eco bags now come in various colors and designs, making it a trendy way to help the environment.


5. Choose to live within a green community

Adapting a green lifestyle could be a huge success when you surround yourself with opportunities to live green. Move to a place where you can practice and encourage others to look onto your cause and inspire them to help you. Take what you’ve learned and pass this knowledge to others. Even if you only have one person to join you, the domino effect could simply take it from there.


Real estate developers like Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. have this green living concept in mind. That is why, in the 21 years it has been building residential communities in Metro Manila, they make sure that open spaces and greenery are still incorporated in their master designs. Living in their condos, known for being Transit-Oriented (or directly connected to mass transit systems) give every dweller a chance to choose easy commute over using one’s car to lessen carbon footprints. The company is also taking a step further by building homes themed with a nature setting. Just like Mango Tree Residences along M. Paterno cor. Ledesma Sts. in San Juan City, which has been known for keeping its naturally grown mango trees in its perimeter to sustain that laid back lifestyle without leaving the city.

The Mango Tree Residences is a low density residential community, hosting two high-rise developments. Because of it having only 10 units per floor, future homeowners could enjoy the serenity of the place, giving way to more privacy. This development will also serve as one’s paradise with its unique amenities such as an al fresco lounge, yoga station, garden deck, a 25 meter pool, a kiddie pool, fitness gym and function rooms for special events.


Living at the Mango Tree Residences truly feels like the best way one could finally do to achieve the change that he wants to see in the world. For other information, call 02-810-3333 or email Join earth friendly discussions at,, 

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