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OCTOBER 27, 2022


While traveling alone can be an amazing, eye-opening experience, traveling with your significant other is both educational and relationship-strengthening. There’s a lot you can learn about each other when journeying towards new and exciting places.

Wondering how travel can bring you both closer as a pair? We list down a few examples of how adventuring as a pair can be beneficial to you both:

Learning about each other

Outside the comfort of home, people can act a little differently than they usually do. This can help couples who think they know each other well to look deeper into their partners and learn something new about them. Maybe you’ll find out they’re obsessed with bulgogi, have a special place in their heart for tarsiers or that they’re in love with the architecture of Cambodia’s pagodas.

Rekindling your fire

Oftentimes, travel is the best way to light the fires of a relationship once again. It opens up new and exciting chapters in your books, giving way to the both of you looking at each other with a fresh new perspective. While traveling, try to experience at least one new activity native to the countries you are visiting so you can share a memorable moment of deep bonding.

Emergency handling

No vacation is truly perfect. Billions of travelers and tourists can attest to this fact. You and your partner are bound to hit a roadblock or two that can cause a little drama, stress and even panicking in some situations.  These mishaps are a perfect way to gauge how capable your partner is during unprecedented situations and can help you both learn about how to handle emergencies outside of your comfort zones.

Working together

Going on a journey as a duo isn’t a one-man job. Planning the destination, where to eat, what to do and where to go will take the both of you to figure out compromises between your preferences plus the costs. Don’t turn a blind ear and eye to your partner; try to communicate. Even as early as the planning stage, you can both learn to use your heads to overcome problems together.

Observing habits

Traveling into the unknown together is a great way to pick up on each other’s habits. Being away from all the familiar places and people you’re used to can really trigger a change inside people. When traveling, people oftentimes develop new mindsets or even personas, so watching out for these changes can help you learn a lot about each other. Maybe your partner is the boss when you take a trip or maybe they’re more outgoing. Sometimes spending some time outside your usual surroundings together can help you read into their personality more.

Plan a trip today and take the time to learn more about each other as a couple. It’s definitely one way you can keep the magic of your relationship alive and a good way to know more about each other.


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