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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Canyoneering in Cebu
SOMETIMES all you have to do is stay afloat.

The adventure begins when you allow yourself to do something for the first time. Along the way, you appreciate the majesty of what else the Philippines can truly offer, as well as meet different amazing people with that same thirst for experience.

Canyoneering is a sport that involves exploring a canyon, doing rappelling, rafting and waterfall jumping.

In Cebu, canyoneering is relatively easy. The meeting point is Badian, a three-hour drive in a van from Cebu City.

You shift to a motorcycle to get to the top of the mountain for the starting point of the downstream trail.

The rush happens 10 minutes into the adventure. You mentally prepare to jump 15 feet down the first waterfall to start the canyoneering.

At that moment, when you finally decide to go for it and leap, the initial fear is overcome and you end up basking in the beauty of what you see.

Using a life vest, you leisurely cruise down the stream, surrounded by vast rock formation. Mesmerizing, crystal-clear waters transform into different shades of blue.

Pristine the waters may be, it is a strong force as it flows down. Calmly floating and gazing up to the sky, you enjoy a moment of peace and feel grateful to be alive.

Still, the best is yet to come.

Canyoneering in Cebu
BREATHTAKING rock formations

Leaping from 45 feet

Adrenaline kicks in when you realize that the only way to go up is by jumping down the waterfalls.

Jumps are usually manageable, from heights between five and 10 feet. However, some go as high as 25 feet.

The really dauntless and daring have the option to dive from 45 feet high.

However high, every jump pumps up the endorphins so that you just want to keep going.

There are times when the guides suggest that sliding down the waterfalls is a better idea than actually jumping it. Trust them. It’s a very exciting way to be a kid again!

After around four hours, the trail ends with the sight of the famous Kawasan Falls where people swim and picnic in a setup of tables and chairs. It’s a good time to cool down.

This kind of trip confirms the raw beauty of our country. It has so much to offer. Sometimes, all it takes to realize this is to plan a trip and ask the others to join with an open mind.

Whether it is the anticipation of the thrill and the excitement of seeing photographs, or the hankering to do things for the first time, or even conquering one’s fear of heights, exploring new places is always best experienced with others.

Villa on a cliff

If you are not in a hurry to go back to the city after the canyoneering, stay at Villa on a Cliff. It’s in Oslob, an hour away from Badian.

There are three villas with one common infinity pool that faces Sumilon island. It is perfectly situated at the edge of the cliff and has one of the best sunrise views ever.

Just when you think that the trip couldn’t get better, the sun comes up and you are happily proven wrong.

I found them via Airbnb.

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