Why do some people give you a ‘shock’? | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


In my column last March 15, I discussed the phenomenon of certain individuals experiencing electric shock when touching other people or even non-electrical objects like doorknobs and filing cabinet handles.

In Zurich in 1979, Swiss researcher Rene Merz felt a strong and painful electric current when his hand accidentally touched a letter envelope I was holding.

More dramatic were stories of people who unintentionally damage electrical devices like motor car engines and computers when touching them.

I could find no reference material or study touching on this topic, until Canadian clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Lee Pulos lent me photocopies of the “Electric Shock Book” by astrophysicist and Oxford lecturer Michael Shallis in the late 1980s.

I had forgotten most of the contents of this rare book until I accidentally came across a review of it by Renee Haynes on the Internet. The following are the salient points of Shallis’ book from that review:

1) From the time of the Big Bang, the whole universe has been linked by electrical forces.

2) Like everything else, humans interact with these forces as they exist in nature.

3) The immense development of electrical energy since the Industrial Revolution has exposed us to continually increasing electrical stimulation and mounting pressure.

As a result, certain individuals involuntarily damage electrical devices and cause large-scale interference with electrical equipment.

State of tension

4) Shallis observed that such individuals produced more phenomena when in a state of tension, suffering from allergies and tending to have psychic powers such as telekinesis.

5) He believes such people generate a universally high amount of static electricity which occurs in a small way in many people, and causes sparks from their hair in frosty weather.

How come the same electric shock phenomenon also occurs in tropical countries like the Philippines where there’s no frosty weather? The book does not explain this.

Kirlian Photography has revealed that the electrical field of human beings are altered when emotionally agitated or stressed, when meditating or even when merely holding a quartz crystal. It is also altered when one is sick or experiencing physical trauma. But it does not explain why some people emit strong electricity and others do not.

One thing I have observed about this electric phenomenon is that it always happens spontaneously and unexpectedly, and not when one expects it to happen. One secretary told me that when she touches the handle of the filing cabinet in the office, she gets an electric shock. But when she touches it again, expecting to have another shock, it does not happen.

This gives rise to the question of whether this phenomenon is tied to our subconscious mind or to some non-physical dimension in human beings.

At this writing, I could find no answer to this question. Obviously more research is needed to arrive at a credible explanation. But who will do this study?

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