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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I used to drive by this place along Makati Avenue and buy a few tacos from a small window at the back of this restaurant. If I remember correctly, the cost was 35 centavos then.

As all of us got exposed to the different authentic versions, many once appealing snacks like taco became no longer as appealing. But not this one. It has withstood the influx of other foreign versions. Even in comparison to those I have tried abroad, it is still stands out.

The place is Pancake House, and it has evolved into a complete restaurant with everything for everyone. Every weekend, my whole family craves for different items from its menu. Since I live in the Katipunan area where dining places are a dime a dozen, we go for consistency when dining out. There is nothing worse than to expect a certain quality in a meal and not find it.

Quality control

All restaurants should copy the quality control of Pancake house. The Katipunan branch has become our culinary haven for hunger management and satisfaction. Before, I was happy to have just the taco. Now, I crave for other things. I order the simple Chicken Pork Adobo, while my wife Tessa loves the resto’s breakfast offerings, plus pancakes with bacon and a taco.

My son Franco enjoys the Hot Roast Beef open-face sandwich with gravy and a peanut butter waffle, while my daughter Ali loves the spaghetti and a taco which she breaks and mixes.

My son Arturo often has two tacos, spaghetti and a bacon waffle with bacon on the side and unlimited iced tea, and my daughter Danielle loves her French toast.

These days, I always have a bowl of the most delicious tuna salad and a nice huge bowl of the famous Taco Salad. I also love the Chocolate Waffles topped with whipped butter, peanut butter and thick syrup. I don’t pour the syrup over so as to keep the crunch.

Pancake House also has a winner in its Fried Chicken. Lately, it has added authentic Chinese dishes as well.

Sometimes we look too far to find something new to eat when the simplest things are the ones that satisfy the most. At Pancake House, I am always certain the taste will be as I expected. We come here at least twice a month. When you get tired of your old favorites, you can always find something else in the varied menu. And for dessert, there’s exceptional yogurt.

Pancake House has dozens of branches all over the metro. Happy eating!

Roast turkey

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