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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Maxi-Peel recently launched their latest ad campaign called Maxi-Peel Tunay Serye. It is a daily video series that follows the life of Jeff Serrano, a 20-year-old girl who has dreams of being on TV but is plagued by acne. Raw and unscripted, you will find yourself enjoying and looking forward to watching every episode of this quirky new serial.

So why are we so hooked on Maxi-Peel’s Tunay Serye? Here are our top 8 reasons.

1. They used a real person.


What do all the promotional campaigns of other skin care brands have in common? They all use models that already have clear skin. Not a single one of them uses someone with acne. On the other hand, Maxi-Peel Tunay Serye distinguishes itself by having a real person with real acne use their products.

2. They are honest.



Maxi-Peel doesn’t promise anything it cannot deliver. None of that “Clearer skin in x number of days” nonsense. They are showing us that clear skin doesn’t miraculously happen overnight. That’s why they are documenting the gradual transformation of Jeff’s skin on video.

3. They are unpretentious.



No special lights, no scripts, no fancy editing… except for the cute stickers here and there. The Maxi-Peel Teleserye videos keep everything simple and real with just Jeff taking a video of herself talking to the camera. She doesn’t even have any makeup on and presents herself as she really is.

4. They are entertaining.


We never thought watching someone clean her face would be this fun to watch! Jeff’s personality shines through every unscripted episode. It’s very refreshing to see Jeff just be herself and share with us her real comments and thoughts on pimples and her journey to having clear skin.

5. They are surprisingly addicting.


After a couple of days watching Maxi-Peel’s Tunay Serye videos, you will find yourself checking their Facebook page daily just to see if they have already uploaded the latest episode. The comment section in every post is also very engaging to read!

6. They are educational.


Every episode will give you real-world advice on how to properly take care of your skin. From choosing the right Maxi-Peel product for your skin type to the proper way of applying them (upward motion only!) to the exfoliation process, each Tunay Serye video will teach you something new.

7. They are credible.


Since the videos are posted daily, you can tell that there aren’t sudden changes in Jeff’s face that might be the result of going to a dermatologist. What you’re seeing is the real, day-to-day transformation caused by regular use of Maxi-Peel’s complete range of skin care products. No tricks here, just real results.

8. They are relatable.


By not using some sosyal model with foreigner looks, Maxi-Peel is telling us that its products are for everyone. Sure, Jefferlyn Serrano is pretty, but she’s also accessible. It’s not hard to imagine her as the cute friend we all have that everybody has a crush on. She talks like us, have the same concerns as us, and gushes over meeting her celebrity idol just like any normal person would. She’s as real as you and me.

Here is one of Jeff’s daily videos with Marian Rivera-Dantes, fangirling the entire time she was with her during the Maxi-Peel #TunaySerye press launch:

Be sure to catch more of Jeff Serrano and her #BagongGandaBagongPagasa journey to a pimple-free skin by liking Maxi-Peel’s Facebook page! Click or tap here: https://www.facebook.com/MaxiPeelSkinCare.

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