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OCTOBER 27, 2022


In life, there will always be something that scares and stops us from reaching our full potential. It could be a simple fear of spiders, or it could be a big thing like a fear of heights. Everybody is afraid of something; but it takes a lot of courage, effort and a little bit of moral support to face those fears and learn manage them, even just for a short time.


Today we touch the subject on how to face your fears. The process may take some time, but it’s well worth the effort to learn how to tame your inner fears and insecurities to get ahead in life:


  1. Take Things Step by Step


When you want to take a dip in a hot spring or a cold bath you would rather dip feet first rather than just jump in, right? It’s the same as facing your fears. You start small, like maybe a zip-line with a low height, and then work your way to bigger and bigger zip-lines once you’ve gained confidence. Rushing into the moment might just scare you more and you’re likely to give up before you’ve even started.


  1. Experience with a Friend


Misery loves company. So what better company could you have than a friend who’s got your back. If you hate snakes, watch your friend touch or approach one (provided he/she is also not afraid of them) at a animal show to see how safe it is. It may take a bit of convincing, but you’re more likely to trust in your friends and go through with it rather than if you were alone.


  1. Learn About the Subject


Learning about why spiders are so hairy, or reading about why people are scared of bats can really open your eyes to a different perspective when dealing with your fears. A big reason why people are afraid of certain things is because they don’t understand them and how they work. You’d actually be surprised that the spider’s hair acts pretty much like our own and that a bat is actually a very small and fragile creature (almost cute, even).


  1. Practice Facing Fears


They say practice makes perfect. If you’re looking forward to a fun swimming adventure but can’t swim or maybe you want to try roller-skating but you’re afraid of falling, practice, practice, practice. When you get better at it, you will feel more confident and become less afraid to try. Find somebody you can trust to teach you, and make sure you wear or apply proper safety measures beforehand.


  1. Believe in Yourself


Human beings may be among the most vulnerable of Earth’s creatures, but that doesn’t mean that they are entirely fragile. The human body can adapt to most situations and is strong enough to survive most falls, weak poisons and animal bites and can go on days with little food and water. In a sense, humans are also the Earth’s most flexible creatures. Believe in yourself as a human being and get out there to conquer your fears.


A little bravery is something everybody needs in life, whether exploring a new country or just trying to kill a cockroach. A person who is unafraid of anything isn’t brave. It’s impossible for any one person in the world to not have any kind of fear. It is the people who steel their hearts and face these fears despite the dread inside of them that are truly the brave ones.


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