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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Rush hour can be the most harrowing part of the day and is one reason why so many people find it hard to get out of bed every morning. The thought of cramming onto that packed train or bus like a sardine in a can is rather bleak, but it has to be done. Unfortunately, we can’t all live right next to where we work. So how do you make that necessary trip slightly more bearable?

Some people have absolutely astounding morning commutes. It can be to do with not wanting to work and live in the same area, not being able to find a place to live near work, or just not being able to afford to live near work. Some people will even fly from a different city to go to London, just because there are more working opportunities there. An article by the Guardian recently highlighted the commute of a London worker who moved to Barcelona in favour of the cheaper rent but still makes the journey to London several times a month. Imagine that, having to make your way from Heathrow to London city centre and then having to get on to a busy train or tube. If you don’t do this, then you can already count yourself luckier than some.

Brendan J. Ross

If only this journey to work could be made more enjoyable somehow, rather than be an uncomfortable chore. Here are a few ideas that could help to transform that trip from one that you dread, to one that you love.

Set your goals for the day

Author of “Building Smarter Habits,” Thomas Oppong, outlines that the most productive and successful people start their day with the end in mind. It’s not just about being organised, but maximising your time throughout the day and establishing the right mindset to accomplish your goals. This could be something as simple as writing a checklist or planning your day hour by hour if you’re really feeling productive!

Read a book

This is a rather obvious one, but if you find a book that you really enjoy, time can just slip away. When you get lost in the pages of the story, your mind will not be able to keep track of how many stops have passed and it will seem as though you have reached your destination in no time. Sometimes the train can be too busy to carry a large book around, but fortunately Kindles and tablets have made reading in tight spaces a lot easier.

Learn a language

An interesting and highly rewarding way to pass the time is to learn a language. You can download audio books and listen to vocabulary and sentence building in the language of your choice. Maybe you want to brush up on some Spanish before your next holiday, or crack the Chinese language so you can develop stronger business ties with the world’s fastest growing economy. The average commute in the UK is 45 minutes, mutiply that by five and that’s a lot of spare time to be doing something productive.

The most important thing to do on the way to work is keep busy and try to entertain yourself in any way possible. If you don’t then you will continue to dread that vital trip, and it is not a healthy way to start your day.

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