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OCTOBER 27, 2022

OKAY. It’s over.


The process, give or take a few glitches, went smoothly and peacefully, thank God. All our fears were put to rest, at least for the moment.


I guess we were pretty wound up all the way until the day itself, and now it’s difficult to unwind. I hope that this lingering thought of “what if” dissipates soon. It is almost like waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don’t like it.


That the results were not what we had wished for is now a sad fact, but we must face reality, accept and gracefully concede. I saw a friend in the beauty salon a day after the voting, and all she could do was roll her eyes. It was like she had been rendered speechless. It was actually funny, but it hurt too much to laugh.


I hope the aftermath is quiet. There are reports of sporadic and isolated violence. We hear some grumbling. There is talk about cheating.


My father despised spoilsports and sore losers. He always talked to us about knowing how to lose; that it was an art to be learned and mastered, because absent the grace in losing, you were marked forever as an undesirable persona de mal perder.


Papa also said it was just as important to be a magnanimous and amiable winner. He detested “cocky”; could not tolerate yabang.




Someone once said, “If you can’t win, then lose like a champion.”


And we saw two from this very rare breed of people when first Grace Poe, and then Mar Roxas, made their concession speeches. They were gracious, humbly accepting defeat and offering a hand of peace and unity; grateful, brave, bloodied but unbowed. We witnessed statesmanship at its finest. And it made us immensely proud.


The results came out faster than I can remember in past elections. I am told that the speed of the outcome made any plans for hanky-panky difficult to carry out. Yet here we are, almost a week later, hearing stories about protests and complaints. Opinions vary.


My take: Many see phantoms where there are none, ghouls perhaps of their own creation, monsters they invented long ago to spook others, that are back to haunt them now. Are they seeing their own long shadows cast in today’s sinister scenarios?


When you have lived these many years, you see people and events come full circle. The scenes are all too familiar. Some call it karma. The Bible talks about sowing and reaping.


Whatever. I am determined to turn a deaf ear to more bellyaching.


Let us celebrate the winners and allow them to enjoy the taste of victory. But once the euphoria has settled, we must make sure they do their jobs. Will they work for “bayan bago sarili”? I pray so.


For our part, we will hold our leaders accountable from Day 1.


Did I miss anything?


They say the people have spoken. Someone called it a rebellion against the establishment; that there was a loud clamor for change.


Wait a second! I thought we were doing swimmingly well. Where was I? What did I miss? Like me, my classmate asks: What is wrong with being called “the rising tiger of Asia”?




On social media, as expected, there has been an excess of bashing and hating. Most recent to grab the attention and ire of netizens are tweets from two teenagers who were outrageously vulgar and unkind.


Apologies from their parents followed. I am glad they took the time and were honest enough to admit fault. I was dismayed, however, when they asked for understanding, explaining that their children are only 16.


Youth can be reckless, impulsive and careless, even rude. But heartless? I cannot believe that. If I was their mother, I would be deeply concerned.


To say that we are in for “different” times is perhaps an understatement. As a new dispensation prepares to take over the reins of government, I must confess I have mixed feelings, real apprehensions, fears even. But I am resolved not to focus on the dire predictions of doomsayers. I have no desire to contribute to their negativity. I am determined to help pick up the pieces of broken dreams and encourage others to look forward to new ones.


Wise words, sound advice


A fine young wife and mother, having cast her ballot, took the time to post this marvelous piece. It gave me a touch of peace and brought my heart back to the only Source of hope.


“Tomorrow we wake up to a new day, when God’s mercies begin afresh. Remember it is God who changes times and seasons; who deposes kings and raises up others. Remember that He is supreme, sovereign in our triumphs and in our trials, in our joy and in our pain.


“Remember that for those who love Him, He makes all things, the good and the bad, work together for good. And remember that for those who love Him, the best is yet to come.


“So no matter what happens tomorrow or the next day or the next, let’s continue to love and do good, work hard, serve our neighbors, raise our children well, inspire others, live responsibly, render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and be decent disciplined citizens and positive agents of change in a culture where morals are fading and fading fast.”


Yes, there is hope.


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