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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I have long been fascinated with strange and extraordinary happenings or phenomena which cannot be explained by commonly accepted laws of mainstream physical science.

There are many such phenomena, to be sure. But I want to focus only on the phenomenon of materialization, or the sudden appearance of something that was not there. It may also be defined as “the process of producing something out of nothing.”

I have not only read of many cases of materialization, but have witnessed a number of them myself. The following are a few specific examples of materialization.

Camera bag

1) Dr. Andrija Puharich, in his book about the world-famous Israeli psychic Uri Geller, related an incident when he and Geller were in Israel, and Puharich was photographing what was going on, when he complained about the dusty atmosphere.

He told Uri that had he known it would be that dusty, he would have brought his leather camera bag, which he had left in his hotel room in New York.

When the two arrived in their apartment in Israel, Puharich saw his leather camera bag on his bed. He knew it was the bag he had left in New York because it had his initials on it.

2) The late Indian spiritual leader or guru Sathya Sai Baba became famous for his thousands of materializations daily in his ashram or temple in India. With a wave of his empty hand, he would make various objects suddenly appear. Examples of objects that he had materialized were a statue or figurine of the Indian god Ganesh, a Christian rosary, gold rings, diamonds and other precious jewelry and many others.

Of course, there are those who believe that what Sai Baba did was trickery, but others have reported seeing the same remarkable materializations by Sai Baba under conditions that would preclude trickery or sleight-of-hand.

Empty hand

3) I have seen the Sri Lankan guru, Swami Premananda, materialize various objects  with a wave of his hand, and when he turned his palm up, an object, which was not there before, would suddenly appear.

4) I have seen a number of Filipino faith healers, such as Alex Orbito, Sr. Flor Acacio, materialize various objects during psychic healing sessions. Some of the objects I have seen healers take out from the bodies of patients were a bunch of human hair, plastic sheets, a dead cockroach, a broken piece of glass, abaca rope and many others.

Where these various physical objects came from, no one could tell.

What is surprising is that the healers themselves could not predict what would come out of the patients. The healers say these people were victims of witchcraft, and it was the witch or sorcerer who implanted those objects inside the body of the people they wanted to harm.

5) I have also seen objects I own disappear from one place, only to appear later in another place. These I believe are the works of nature spirits or elementals, like dwarves, enchanted beings, fairies, etc.

6) And if you are a Christian, you surely must have read in the Bible the materializations that Jesus Christ was reported to have done. He fed several thousand people with only a few loaves of bread and fish. And when the people had eaten, there was more bread and fish left in the basket.

If modern scientists would only take a second look at these phenomena rather than immediately dismiss them as mere trickery, mass hypnosis or sleight-of-hand, perhaps we can eventually find a rational explanation for them.

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