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CHARLENE Carlos wears kaftan from the L’Indochine Sri Lanka line

L’Indochine unveils Sri Lanka collection

THIS summer, L’Indochine presents an expertly curated and exquisitely designed fashion and home accessories collection from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s strong heritage in woodcarving can be seen in a variety of wood sculptures— from statues of Buddhas and animal figures made of ebony, palu, sandalwood, gam-malu and na, to luck-enhancing wooden masks fashioned from the lightwood kaduru.

Meanwhile, decorative gold, silver, brass and iron works highlight another centuries-long craft of Sri Lanka, metalwork.

Batik making, which is actually an Indonesian art, takes on vibrant colors and styles under Sri Lankan artisans. Besides the sarongs, dresses, wall hangings, cushion covers and décor items, some of the best batik pictures are made in Kandy and Fresco Batiks on the Peradeniya Road outside Kandy.

Once reserved for royalty and special villages, textile making is now a thriving source of livelihood in Sri Lanka. This skill has seen generations produce an attractive array of saris, sarongs, bags, fashion accessories, bedclothes, blankets, towels and cushion covers. Even books, notebooks, albums and writing pads are creatively wrapped in these woven wonders.

As for jewelry, Sri Lanka boasts of two types: Galle,which is characterized by its precious stones; and Kandayan, with its intricate metal (particularly silver) details.
The Sri Lanka collection is available at L’Indochine stores at 3/L, SM Aura Premier, and 4/L, SM Mega Fashion Hall.