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OCTOBER 27, 2022


“You do not need drugs to party because of three things: First, people usually go to parties to socialize—either to meet new people, hang out with friends, or both—and that could already make your night fun. Second, parties usually serve alcohol and I think that’s enough to make you ‘forget your problems’ and ‘have more fun.’ Third, drugs are very costly and can harm you in the long run. I saw a video of my friend when she took a certain drug and her eyes were twitching so badly. I don’t think that’s considered fun in a party, or anywhere else.” – Cara Oliver, De La Salle University

“Need? No. You don’t need them, but from what I know, a lot of people do drugs just for kicks. At the same time, I believe that a lot of the ‘cons’ of drugs are pure hype, so I’m actually for the controlled legalization of them.” – King Dy, Ateneo De Manila University

“Well, people go to parties primarily to have fun. Drugs are taken for the same reason. First and foremost: narcotics are illegal. One can perform and survive anything without taking them. This eliminates their necessity.

Second, ‘fun’ can be achieved without narcotics. Although narcotics intensify pleasure through the senses, they are not necessary. Regular pleasure and fun may be achieved through good music, good company and alcohol in moderation.

Lastly, a good party should create a lasting sensation of happiness— a sort of ‘party hangover.’ Narcotics, once their effect wears out, leave you feeling ‘down.’ This feeling eliminates the ‘party hangover,’ thus eliminating the ‘fun.’” – Hobi Cortes, University of Santo Tomas

“No, because you can enjoy even without drugs. Sometimes all you need are a good ambiance, good people and good vibes.” – Astrid Santos, De La Salle University

“This is how I see it: It depends on the person. No, you do not need to take drugs. But using them stimulates the senses. It works like a spice. I’m kind of awkward when it comes to parties so I kind of need to get drunk just so I can fit in and enjoy. I mean, this is my perspective: Either you use something so you won’t look awkward or choose not to go at all. And that’s why I don’t go to parties nor do drugs.” – Anonymous

“No, you do not need drugs. I’ve never taken drugs because during parties, I’m already contented with myself and the people around me. I think real fun is better than taking something to make you happy.” – Renzo Pangilinan, De La Salle University

“Well, it’s a no for me because the reason I party is to have a good time with my close friends. We’re there to enjoy ourselves and I wouldn’t want to be the kind of person who needs drugs to have a good time.” – Lorenzo Reyes, De La Salle University

“You do not need drugs to party, since there are other legal ways for you to unwind, like, say, drinking.” – Wyatt Cardona, St. Louis University

“No. Others take drugs to unwind but that’s not usually what happens. The temporary ‘escape’ makes us want them more.” – Alvin Lorena, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

“One doesn’t need drugs to be ‘happy’ in a party. Though I dare not challenge their existence and use in such events.” – Ezekiel Pasco, De La Salle University

“Drugs aren’t really necessary. Some just want it because it makes them feel good and look cool. Drinks are better than drugs—and much safer.” – Shoun David, San Beda College Alabang

“Everything revolves around the word ‘pa-cool’ and this logic that everything/everyone is like that makes people sound pretentious. I think drugs can be traced to a lack of awareness and a not-so-friendly environment.” – Jude Sumcad

“I don’t think drugs are in any way necessary in parties. They give a bad name to parties if something wrong happens.” – VJ Castañeda, San Beda College Alabang

“No, the only ‘happy pill’ you need is the good company of your friends and good music!” – Drei Chua, San Beda College Alabang

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