Five things you should know about Chuck Palahniuk | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Two of his novels have been made into movies—“Fight Club” and “Choke”—and at least eight others have been optioned. “Invisible Monsters” will most likely be the next Chuck Palahniuk full feature film you’ll see—it’s already in development.

While Chuck was on tour promoting the novel “Diary” in 2003, his short story “Guts” made at least 67 people faint during his readings.

In 2006, Chuck opened his fan mail window, allowing fans to send him letters with the promise that he’ll write back. He didn’t just write back, he sent them crazy packages that included stuffed animals, chocolates, temporary tattoos, coloring books, rubber ducks, plastic carrots, CDs of his tour stories, weird little gifts like fake severed fingers, toy spiders, other trinkets that match the themes of his novels and stories and a lot of glitter. This master of darkness is incredibly sweet to his fans. Fans are waiting for his next mail window.

All the cleaning tips and solutions in the novel “Survivor” really work.

Chuck has dedicated books to his grandfather, his father (who was murdered by the ex-lover of a woman he met through a personal ad), his two dogs, the people in his workshop and the webmaster who volunteered to run his website