5 things to do in UK for about £5 | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Things are financially tough right now for a lot of people, but let’s be real; when have they not been?! Just because things are hard, there’s absolutely no need to put your life on hold. Whether you like going all out or just chilling, there’s loads of cheap things you can do. Sorry… we might have over-exaggerated the fiver thing. But it’s still budget-friendly advice.


Head to a gig

If you’re thinking of rocking up to the O2 Arena with just five pounds in hand, forget it. However, if you’re down to support your local scene, there’s loads you can do musically for less. Some tickets for bands starting out can be as little as NO pounds. The rest can start from about £5 and up. Every London borough has some great, little venues but more and more are closing all the time. Support them! No matter where you live, support local, live music, and do so a lot more cheaply than you might think.

Take a gamble

Loads of us went straight for the lottery as soon as we were at the legal age, but what about scratch cards? They’re cheap and you can pick them up from most newsagents. If you’ve not got time to buy one in person, why not think about doing it online? You can get better deals (like bonus cash to get you off to a head start) and there are plenty of incentives to get you started.

Take a walk

It might seem super lame, but walking is free (obvious) and it can actually be a laugh. If you go in a group, it’s a great chance to chat without screaming and shouting at each other at the bar and it’s something memorable because you’ll all be sober (optional). You could even pack a picnic. Sure, it’s all a little old school, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a great time.

Scour discount sites

Discount websites can be absolute babes when it comes to scouting out little gems activities-wise. From the latest bars through to restaurants, fitness classes and new quirky hotspots, there’s loads to do. Okay, for full disclosure, a lot of things will be more than £5. But there will be some incredible deals, and some things really will be dirt cheap.

Get Swishing!

“Vintage Clothing” (CC BY 2.0) BRIAN LEDGARD

If you’ve not yet entered the world of clothes swapping, you’re missing out. Don’t worry, it’s not some bizarre new fetish. Actually, it’s pretty cool, and it’ll save you a fortune as well. You show up to a swap shop at an organized event, armed with clothes you no longer want. You’ll then be given tokens so that you can choose some new clothes to take home. One man’s trash is another’s treasure and all that! Who knows? You might soon be a swapaholic!