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OCTOBER 27, 2022

LEAVE no man behind! Teamwork is needed to get everyone out.



There’s no way out, or so we thought, at Left Behind: The Ultimate Escape Room Experience—a recreation center in Mandaluyong that brought out our inner Sherlock Holmes.


The first setting was a dark, eerie mental institution, and we were to find the exit. A warning, “No way out!” was written on the walls.


We rolled around, checked the ceilings and the floor, and looked for clues, but Team Los Cincos (that’s what we called ourselves) failed miserably.


Next, we were thrown into a sinking ship a la Titanic. It was Jack and Rose all over again, but with a suspense theme. We searched for clues, answered puzzles, having the best time of our lives as we temporarily stopped worrying over exams and other school matters.


Gripping narrative


Left Behind features two rooms. The Institution is the mental facility that will leave you questioning your sanity. The Sinking, on the other hand, brings you in the middle of a sinking ocean liner, with wit and teamwork standing between you and safety.


Team Los Cincos will go back for another round to try out The Last Station, the third installment of the Left Behind trilogy, which will come out before the end of the year.


TEAM Los Cincos just got a “cinco” in this escape room.
TEAM Los Cincos just got a “cinco” in this escape room.


Unlike other escape rooms in the metro, this one has a gripping narrative that puts you in the heart of the story. You are not given any hints or clues, making it even more challenging.


There is no outside contact (except during emergencies), and you are left behind for 45 minutes until you can find a way out.


Teamwork is key to solving these puzzles. Our friends who joined us shared their experiences.


“The Institution was awesome but haunting. To this day, I still think about how that red door will open. Can someone please go to Left Behind and tell me how to open that red door?”—Jaime Torres, BS Psychology


“We almost made it, kinda. The Sinking was my favorite because the answers to some puzzles were just mind-blowing. I have to go back.”—Carl Bognot, BS Psychology


“I really can’t wait for the next room to come out. A tip for new players: Every little detail counts. Check everywhere.”—Isa Meriales, BFA in Visual Communications


Left Behind: The Ultimate Escape Room Experience is located at Mandala Park, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. Rates range from P410-790 per head, depending on the number of persons in a group.


Like its Facebook page,; tel. 0927-7707230.


DON’T be discouraged if you get stuck.
DON’T be discouraged if you get stuck.

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