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OCTOBER 27, 2022

YOUR mantra for the week: “I am free to be me, what a blessing.”

As you turn within, you always hear that Still Small Voice and right now, it is saying: You have a body that is My Temple. Take care of it. Nourish it. In your every cell, in every function, in every organ of your body, I am there.

I have given you My whole kingdom. Abundance is your divine inheritance. There need not be any lack in your world. But My beloved, I must always express through you, remember that. Through your thoughts, through your feelings, I create.

You will quickly find your happiness when you realize the truth that you and I are one, no matter the circumstances of your life right now. Our Oneness makes all fears disappear and dissipates all doubts and, thus, inner peace is yours.

Minda’s birthday bash

For the first time since her teens, Minda Feliciano Lonsdale celebrated her birthday in the Philippines.

Minda was part of the Hollywood circle, having been in a relationship with Michael Caine. She partied with such celebrities as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins. Minda, who had also been linked to Tony Bennett, married Lord Norman Lonsdale who was once a fiancé of Princess Margaret.

Minda’s birthday bash in Manila was a treat from one of her very good friends, Manuela Mueller, former editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar Germany who flew all the way from Florida where she now lives just to be with her.

I had the pleasure of being seated beside Minda, who recalled important events in her life and showed me some memorable souvenirs like a pair of three-carat diamonds that sparkled from her relationship finger. Her commentaries that evening were nothing short of hilarious.

To my left was the always glamorous Fortune Ledesma who told me to expect a call from Tingting Cojuangco about her Sept. 22 Best Dressed presentation. So I looked at her in bewilderment because Helen Ong, just a few days before, was inviting me to her own annual Best Dressed pageant scheduled the same day just like last year.

Fortune was in stitches, thinking I was pulling her leg. It looks like the only thing that can stop Tingting and Helen now is for someone to put up the Best Undressed or Worst Dressed in the Philippines on the same evening.

There was also Jun Valenton, who I was expecting to see with the beautiful Isa del Rosario but was instead in the company of attractive Mona Serevilla. He explained, “Isa and I are no longer together.”

Manila nowadays is filled with couples who are changing partners—for better or for worse.

Why not ban marriage?

Since divorce will never be accepted in the Philippines, why not just promulgate a law banning marriage?

My argument is that people who stay in love do not separate, for what Love (God) has put together, no man can put asunder. What to do about properties can be agreed upon in a legal contract, and what to do about children can also be arranged. There would be no more legal separations and annulments which cost a fortune, not to mention how it would ease the traffic in our courts. Am I beginning to sound like the President-elect?

Born in Aries sign

President Duterte’s decision not to hold any more press conferences are upsetting a lot of people but, as usual, it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for him. If they do not learn to look beyond his self-admitted Rody-ness, critics will continue getting astounded with his pronouncements.

He did, however, remind all of us that this will change come June 30th.

In the meantime, the United Nations and the UN-accustomed will just have to fasten their auditory seatbelts. Getting agitated will not serve them any purpose.

We must remember that in astrology, people born in the sign of Aries will have to have their way, one way or the other, regardless of consequences.

Look back on how the other three Arien presidents like Emilio Aguinaldo, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo behaved: Aguinaldo conspired against Andres Bonifacio; Estrada caroused with his midnight cabinet and saw nothing wrong with maintaining mistresses; Arroyo turned a blind eye to her husband’s business “schemes,” not to mention his “philandering,” and even dared calling Garci.

Duterte often says, “I don’t mind losing the presidency” because he sincerely feels he has to do what he has to do—very Arien, indeed.

By the way, the first celebration of Philippine Independence was on the 12th of April 1895 when Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto and other Katipuneros emblazoned on the walls of the Pamitinan cave, “Viva la Independencia Filipina,” making our Republic, astrologically, an Arien—not a June 12 Gemini which was simply promulgated by Aguinaldo.

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