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OCTOBER 27, 2022

“FERMENTED Utopia,” by Sergio Bumatay III
“FERMENTED Utopia,” by Sergio Bumatay III
“FERMENTED Utopia,” by Sergio Bumatay III

GALERIE Stephanie mounts “Parallel Universes,” featuring multiawarded artist-illustrators Sergio Bumatay III and Rommel Joson, July 5 to 19.

Both artists explore the idea of parallel universes: self-contained realities co-existing with ours, which may or may not have any relationship with ours, opening viewers to fantastical worlds that embody the limits of possibility.

In his 12-painting body of work for this exhibition, Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (Made) grand prize winner Bumatay contemplates and continues from his winning piece “The Extraordinary Manifestation of Something Undeniably Possible,” a meditation on the afterlife.

In “After I Chose You,” a deer-like creature prances about, carrying in its womb an embryonic winged child. Passage and movement are a predominant theme in his works, where winged creatures appear to either float or fly in dreamy abandon.

Joson, a magna cum laude graduate from the College of Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines, Diliman, presents pairs of human-like beings entangled in ripples of luxurious cloth. In these pairs, notions of connection and disconnection are apparent.

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