Your auto loan comes with 20k worth of free gas. What should you do? | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022



Some auto loans are just not made equal. On the one hand, you have other banks offering you the usual schemes and “low” interest rates–more or less the same things, year on year. On the other hand, you have BDO Auto Loan, which comes with a multitude of advantages such as flexible payment terms, fast loan processing (within 24 hours), rewards points which can be redeemed at any SM Department Store, and this time around, the possibility of getting free gas up to P20,000 for a minimum loan amount of P600,000! For your better appreciation of this number: with the amount of free gas you get after securing your auto loan, you can basically drive your new car from Manila to Baguio and back more or less 20 times. That’s already a lot of strawberry picking weekends for you, alright. If you gas up with P1,000 worth of fuel for every week for your city driving, then essentially BDO would have saved you money for 5 months with its free gas incentive. Really, there are a lot of ways to show you just how big of a deal this is, but just to reiterate, 20k is a substantial amount of gas money. There’s no denying it!

So what could be the best way to utilize the gas money you’ll get FREE with your approved auto loan? Here are a few recommendations from us:

Make it a part of your ride-sharing or business investment

Business, auto loan

Consider the free has a part of your investment if you’re loaning for an automobile to use for ride-sharing services or to support a business. The free gas is really beneficial when you’re just starting out, giving you room to manage your expenditure and make way for buffer budget for future gas expenses at the onset of your operations. You can bet your bottom dollar that you can reap the rewards of this extended investment later on.

Share with your family and friends

Family Car, auto loan

The best things in life are free, and they should be shared! Why not extend your compli-gas to your fam and squad so everyone gets a taste of fueling up for free? Your 20k gas money will not only help you, but also your mom, dad, cousin, sister, nephew, best friend, etc–basically anyone within your circle who owns a car–save gas. Find ways to maximize fuel consumption with them so that your free gas goes a long, long way.

Make that ultimate road adventure a reality

Road Trip, auto loan

When life gives you free gas, you go on a much-deserved road trip! Plan for an epic road adventure with your family or friends by using a portion of your free gas allocation (it is still wise to save up a majority of it for future personal use) to finally make that ultimate road trip a reality. Revv up your new car that’s loaded with free gas and go town-hopping for some wonderful Instagram-worthy photos, or follow the call of your taste buds and drive out to relatively obscure parts of nearby provinces to enjoy a great meal in a quirky roadside diner.

So there! A Brand new car + free gas = a driving experience to remember.


All set? Let’s go! Drive safe—with your brand new car courtesy of BDO Auto Loan! Click or tap here to apply or know more about BDO Auto Loan and how you can avail of gas cards or BDO Rewards Points with your auto loan!