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Alessandro Michele is leaving Gucci

After a successful seven-year run, Gucci announced that its creative director Alessandro Michele was leaving the company. “There are times when paths part…

Your APCC 2016 Super checklist

APCC passes—You wouldn’t want to sulk at the entrance, right?


Camera—You know the drill: Photos or it didn’t happen 3 fandom shirts—A different one per day!


Comics—For autographs, trading or to show off your collection


Folder—To protect your comics and prints from creases and folds


Creative portfolio—You might just be the next big thing in the comic book universe—as an artist, not a character


Sketchbook and art materials—You’ll never know when inspiration will hit you!


Markers—So you can have your favorite comic book artist transfer some of that creative vibe on your own pens


Ecobag—How else will you bring home your pop culture loot?


Life savings—Fandoms come with a heavy price, friends.