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OCTOBER 27, 2022

LA MERMoisturizing Cream

Everyone’s so scared of aging, but here I am embracing every minute of it. Who wouldn’t when you know each day is another chance for you to dip into a luxurious jar of skin cream that seems made of mermaid tears?


Okay, I’m kidding—at least with the mermaid bit. I’m talking about my all-time favorite La Mer, the storied brand born out of a doctor’s need to treat his burn. And well, I wasn’t that too far off: La Mer has been known for its Miracle Broth, a unique blend of marine minerals (like Pacific Sea Kelp) and plant oils that has been lauded for refining blemishes and erasing traces of one’s age.


I’m a big fan of La Mer’s latest cosmetic entries. Treatment Fluid Foundation glides on the skin sans any sticky finish; this creamy base offers SPF 15 and buildable coverage that gets better with longer wear.


Some may have difficulty concealing dry patches, but I suggest mixing facial oils with the foundation. This gives you a demi-matte look that eventually transitions to perfectly subdued dewiness that screams healthy and pampered.


Of course, the best way to use this is, still, by starting with great skincare. The Tonic works like an energy elixir for the skin. Infused with Miracle Broth, this bottle is a blend of marine ingredients and Deconstructed Waters that soothe and revitalize skin after cleansing.


Widely praised has been the Créme de la Mer, which revitalizes dry skin through fermented ingredients and a powerful antioxidant. The jar promises an ultra-rich dewy finish that transforms your skin into refined satin—at least, that’s what it promises when it says it reduces pore size and increases firmness. If famed model Cara Delevingne swears by this herself, you know it’s not some gimmick.


Partner this cosmetic sorcery with the Eye Concentrate. If you want to go all out about defeating aging, grab this conditioning cream formulated with hematite, a magnetically charged mineral that helps lighten dark circles and other discoloration around the eye. Personally, I love the packaging: Holding the emerald green jar and scooping its contents with a tiny silver spoon is an experience as luxurious as actually applying it on the skin.