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Rico Hizon

Rico Hizon lands in new Pierce Brosnan tech-thriller film

BBC News anchor Rico Hizon adds an interesting feather to his cap, in a manner of speaking: he is featured as the voice of BBC business news in the latest Pierce Brosnan film “I.T.” to premiere in Hollywood September 24th.

The Hollywood technology-thriller is directed by John Moore who is best known for his films, “Behind Enemy Lines” starring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman and the 2013 action film “A Good Day to Die Hard” with Bruce Willis.

Brosnan plays a private jet maverick Michael Regan. Rico’s voice comes out within the first the minutes of the film reporting that Regan is set to meet officials from the US Securities and Exchange Commission seeking approval for his private aviation company to be listed on the stock exchange.

The award-winning anchor of “Newsday” and “Asia Business Report” was handpicked by director John Moore.

Here’s John Moore’s personal note to Rico inviting him to be part of the film.

“Dear Rico

“I hope that by the time my note reaches you, that you are broadly aware of my hopes to include your unique voice in my little movie, ‘I.T.’ starring Pierce Brosnan.

“I can’t tell you how grateful we would be if you would indeed lend your unmistakable signature to the sequence: it would simply catapult the idea into a realm of credibility that we alone cannot manage with any attempt to replicate the real world fact that you are THE voice of BBC News business reporting in America and around the world.
I was recently in a hotel room in Tokyo… turned on the TV: there you were!

“I am a great fan of BBC News, specifically your inimitable style and timbre, and did indeed base the idea of the scene around the notion of a World Business Report type report, so, please, I do hope you will consider my humble attempt to, in one way, further immortalize your unique voice.”

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  • sojusakitofu

    It would be more unique if they’ve got the voice of King Dutard. That would be a global hit.

    • commontao

      have a life.

      • sojusakitofu

        Sure, kill yourself first.

  • Shelby Montero

    Rico is someone we can be proud of as Filipinos. Aside from his talent, he is perceived to be a decent and soft spoken individual.

    But I remember when he came home here once he disappointedly observed that his former home studio GMA has now newscasters whose style is in the same way jeepney barkers are doing their trade. Way different from their style before.

    • chatlainegrace computercenter

      korek. yung mga newscaster dito parang si regine bumibirit pag nagbabasa ng balita

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  • chatlainegrace computercenter

    wow galing mo rico hizon. natatandaan ko nung high school ako pag napapanood kita sa kapuso tuwing 10 pm news, galing mo magEnglish

  • franky breva

    The one and only original voice.. There are so many business news to watch at his time slot with BBC, but no thank you,,, I’ll watch Rico Hizon’s business news. No comparison..

  • Dan Burgaud

    Yo! You left the Philippines with a Credit Card unpaid and your co-writer had to pay for it.

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      wow, scoop yan ha