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OCTOBER 27, 2022

WHAT is a reference point? It is something that tells you what another thing is.


There are two types of reference points: objective and subjective.


An objective reference point is true or the same for everybody.  For example, if you see the huge statue of a standing Jesus Christ on top of a mountain, you must be in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, or if you see the Statue of Liberty, you must be in New York.


A subjective reference point is true only for you and will differ from person to person in its meaning or interpretation. It is also called a “psychic” reference point.


Altered state


In my Basic ESP and Intuition Development seminar, I teach participants how to establish and recognize their subjective or psychic reference points:


How is this done? I put the participants in a meditative state of mind which is an altered state of consciousness. Technically, their brain waves are at the alpha level which has a frequency of 7 to 14 cycles per second. While at this stage, I tell them to mentally  and slowly scan the front facade of their house from top to bottom, from left to right, as if they are reading a book.


As they are doing this, they should be aware of every subjective perception and sensation they are feeling and what part of the house they felt such sensations. Such perceptions may include images, sounds, taste and odor.


A few examples will clarify what I mean by subjective or psychic reference point:


A middle-aged woman reported that when she was mentally scanning the left portion of their house, she felt uncomfortable and ill at ease, but the sensation disappeared when she moved the scanning to the right portion of the house.


Her house is made of wood. When I told her to personally check what was in the left portion of the house, she discovered that it was infested with termites. The right half was not yet affected.


So, if you asked this woman to scan your house mentally and she felt exactly the same sensation she did when scanning her house, she can tell you with 100 percent accuracy that your house has termites.


In another case, a married man was scanning his house mentally. When he imagined entering the house, he smelled chicken adobo being cooked. He was surprised because it was still early and not the usual time his wife would start cooking lunch.


I told the man to call his house right there and then. And when he asked his wife what she was doing at the time, she said she was cooking chicken adobo. Then he asked why she was cooking so early. She replied some relatives of his from the province suddenly arrived and were hungry. So she decided to cook a meal for them.




A teenage girl who was in another ESP class felt itchiness all over her body when she was scanning the veranda on the second floor of their house. The veranda was seldom used and she felt the itchiness right behind the door as it opened outward. When she checked that portion where she felt the sensation of itchiness, she found a colony of ants there.


So, if you asked this girl to mentally scan your house and she felt exactly the same itchiness she did in her house, you can be sure there are ants in that place. Why? Because she has developed her own subjective reference point for ants.


Anyone can do the same. He can establish his own subjective or psychic reference point by scanning mentally his own house and becoming aware of every sensation he feels while doing so and what portion of the house he felt them.


This experiment will show you that there are times in which you think you are merely imagining things, when in fact you are perceiving things psychically.


The next Inner Mind Development seminar is on Oct. 8-9 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; and the Soulmates Karma and Reincarnation seminar is on Oct. 15, from 1 p.m.-7 p.m. Call 8107245 or 0998-9886292; e-mail jaimetlicauco@yahoo.com.



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