What makes an adventure? | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


What is an adventure? The numerous answers make it impossible to settle on just one. Is it the places you go to? The people you meet? The cultures you observe? The food that you eat? There are many kinds of adventures; this fact holds true. But the truth is, it’s really up to you.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes the word “Adventure” as “an exciting or dangerous experience”. This makes you think of things like skydiving or surfing, activities that really get the blood pumping and have their own degree of risk. Usually, the people who take part in these kinds of hobbies are labeled the “adventurous” types or simply adventurers.


You may be tempted to compare your journeys with your sportier or active friends and feel bad. Before you start feeling sorry for yourself, remember that you aren’t the only person out there who may not enjoy risky sports or are athletically challenged. Even the people who do these kinds of sports have to practice every day in order to be good enough to avoid self-harm. So that leaves the question still stuck in our minds: What makes an adventure?


An adventure can be anything you want it to be, whether you soak in the local culture or bungee jump from a seaside cliff. The word “adventure” tells us that it is an exciting experience, but it does not specify what an exciting excursion entails.


Everybody is different in their own way so it’s common sense that every person gets thrilled by different kinds of things. What might be boring to one person might end up becoming mindblowing for another. It’s this type of diversity that keeps life so colorful and fresh.


Just visiting a new country might give some travelers the buzz that they need to call their trip an adventure. For others, dining in the most famous food cities makes their hearts beat in excitement. Even artists will feel butterflies in their stomach when they stumble upon great collections of masterpieces from the past.


That said, taking a step out of your comfort zone is an adventure in itself. It can be the fresh wind of change your life needs. Who knows?  You might discover something new about yourself that you never realized before because you tried out something different.




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